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A Tribute to Celebrities 1. A Tribute to Celebrities  , 2009  г.

Cerca de 1.000 piezas gráficas que homenajean a personalidades de fama mundial en disciplinas tan variadas como el cine, el arte, la televisión, la música, el deporte y otros famosos.... дальше >>
Cover 2. Cover  , 2013  г.

"Basic is a series about the basic disciplines of graphic design with many examples in each area. The first instalment in the series was about Logos. The earlier books were about Packaging, Corporate Identity, Brochures, Promotions, Sign and Stationery. This new book, Basic Cover, as its name suggest, explores different kind of covers: in books, magazines, albums, catalogues, annual reports and ne... дальше >>
DIY: Gift Wrapping 3. DIY: Gift Wrapping  , 2013  г.

"First title from the new collection DIY, Do It Yourself, about wrapping. When it comes to giving a gift to a loved one, we dedicate time thinking about and looking for the something they'll like. More and more, we also pay attention to the way the gift will be presented. Nowadays, wrapping has turned into its own art. In this first offer, we'll bring a reader unfamiliar with this disciple to get ... дальше >>
Well-seasoned: Best of Restaurant Graphics 4. Well-seasoned: Best of Restaurant Graphics  , 2008  г.

Can the graphic identity of a restaurant transmit the aromas, colours and flavours of the dishes presented in a menu, even before the first dish arrives at the table? Is experimental cuisine a Futura font or a Times? All these questions and many more are answered in Well-seasoned which features dozens of restaurants from around the world with a graphic identity that transmits an overwhelming array... дальше >>
When Space Meets Art / When Art Meets Space 5. When Space Meets Art / When Art Meets Space  , 2008  г.

How long is it since you last went to an exhibition or an event of any sort? What information or amusement did you get from it? Did you enjoy it? We present our latest title "When Space Meets Art / When Art Meets Space" which offers a comprehensive taste and feel of what goes on in all sorts of events.... дальше >>
Around Europe Promotion 6. Andres Fredes : Around Europe Promotion  , 2008  г.

Welcome to a new edition of the "Around Europe" series, this time, about "Promotion". As in previous editions, this book series visits different European countries in search of the most interesting graphic design by a wide variety of studios whose work stands out for its quality. This volume offers a journey across Europe's best graphic design in the field of "Promotion" and allows you to savour t... дальше >>
Mid-Fi 7. Emile Kozak : Mid-Fi  , 2011  г.

... дальше >>
T-Shirts 360 8. Guitton Pedro : T-Shirts 360  , 2009  г.

... дальше >>
My Own Business Card 2: Designers Only 9. Index Book : My Own Business Card 2: Designers Only  , 2011  г.

... дальше >>
Viva Grafica. Real Graphic Applications 10. Lou Andrea Savoir : Viva Grafica. Real Graphic Applications  , 2009  г.

When we speak of graphic patterns, our worn-out but recurring dichotomy between form and content becomes apparent. Often graphic patterns are relegated to the category of simple-almost indecent-pleasure. They were in style, and then they were out of style for centuries. Still, the fascination that they hold over people has never disappeared completely. By presenting graphic patterns alongside thei... дальше >>

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