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Jack's Fantastic Voyage 1. Michael Foreman : Jack's Fantastic Voyage  , 2010  г.

Jack's grandfather tells tales so tall that the other children say they must be made up. Jack thinks they are too, until the night Grandfather takes him on an incredible trip in his boat - and then Jack doesn't know what to believe...... дальше >>
Fangtastic, Ms Wiz 2. Terence Blacker : Fangtastic, Ms Wiz  , 2008  г.

Ms Wiz Loves Dracula: Ms Wiz is dancing with a stranger - a tall, dark-haired man with long white fangs. Can it be true? The children of class three go into action when they realise that Ms Wiz is falling in love - with Dracula! Ms Wiz Spells Trouble: The first story, when Class 5 discover that their new teacher is a witch! She wears black nail polish, she has a talking rat and a special classroom... дальше >>
I Want My Sledge! (+ DVD) 3. Tony Ross : I Want My Sledge! (+ DVD)  , 2008  г.

It's a beautiful winter's day at the castle and the Little Princess has found her old sledge to play on. She's having a great time until the Chef whizzes past on his brand new shiny sledge. She wants one of those! When the King finally gives in and let's her have one, the Princess thinks her dreams have come true. But new doesn't always mean better...... дальше >>

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