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Booker Winners & Others II 1. Booker Winners & Others II  , 2013  г.

Excerpts from the novels shortlisted for the third Booker Russian Novel Prize read like complete stories and are followed by summaries of the novels and authors' notes. Included are: Bulat Okudzhava (Winner), The Show is Over; Peter Aleshkovsky, The Life of Ferret; Yuri Buida, Don Domino; Alexei Slapovsky, The First Second Coming; Mikhail Levitin, Total Impropriety; Igor Dolinyak, The Third World.... дальше >>
Contemporary Russian Fiction. A Short List. Russian Authors Interviewed by Kristina Rotkirch 2. Contemporary Russian Fiction. A Short List. Russian Authors Interviewed by Kristina Rotkirch  , 2008  г.

The living voices of eleven leading Russian authors. Kristina Rotkirch's book presents the reader with an overview of contemporary Russian literature: Boris Akunin, Yuri Mamleev, Yevgeni Grishkovets, Eduard Limonov, Victor Pelevin, Lyudmila Petrushevskaya, Nina Sadur, Vladimir Sorokin, Lyudmila Ulitskaya, Ivan Shishkin, and Tatyana Tolstaya. The contrast in styles, life experiences, and outlooks l... дальше >>
War and Peace. Contemporary Russian Prose 3. War and Peace. Contemporary Russian Prose  , 2008  г.

War&Peace: a compelling portrait of post-post-perestroika Russia. War&Peace brings together 12 stories by new generation of Russian writers. These 'state of the nation' stories imaginatively explore current Russian definitions of war and peace. WAR: controversial stories about life in the modern Russian army where the continuing war in the Caucasus has bred discontent and corruption. PEACE: storie... дальше >>
Skunk: A Life 4. Aleshkovsky Peter : Skunk: A Life  , 1997  г.

An avant-garde novel which mirrors the chaos that now infuses Russian life as its people struggle to navigate the transition from communism to democracy. Skunk, so nicknamed because he grows up small and stunted, feels restless, out of place, and nearly hopeless, but everywhere finds nothing but corruption and dishonesty.... дальше >>
Nine: An Anthology of Russia's Foremost Woman Writers 5. Alexiyevich Svetlana : Nine: An Anthology of Russia's Foremost Woman Writers  , 2008  г.

GLAS' third collection of top women writers includes some internationally known names (Ludmila Petrushevskaya, Svetlana Alexiyevich, Olga Slavnikova, Ludmila Ulitskaya) as well as some other noted women authors appearing for the first time in English (Nina Gorlanova, Margarita Sharapova, Natalia Smirnova, Anastasia Gosteva).... дальше >>
Before I Croak 6. Babiashkina A. : Before I Croak  , 2013  г.

... дальше >>
Childhood 7. Bitov : Childhood  , 2008  г.

In this collection, centred on the theme of Childhood, we offer two early stories by Andrei Bitov which reflect the growing awareness in children of life's mystery and beauty; a story by Andrei Platonov, bearing the stamp of his inimitable style; Ludmilla Ulitskaya's perspicacious insight into the complex relationship between twin sisters; an impressionistic story by Zufar Gareev about the torment... дальше >>
Off the Beaten Track: Stories by Russian Hitchhikers 8. Bogatyreva Irina : Off the Beaten Track: Stories by Russian Hitchhikers  , 2013  г.

"Today an unusually gifted generation is entering Russian literature... Literature has not seen such an influx of energy in a long time." Olga Slavnikova, director of the Debut PrizeBy and about Russian hitchhikers, these stories take the reader along the endless roads of central Russia, the Urals, the Altai, Siberia, and beyond. In energetic and vivid prose they depict all sorts of curious Russia... дальше >>
What the Emperor Cannot Do: Tales and Legends of the Orient 9. Doroshevich Vlas : What the Emperor Cannot Do: Tales and Legends of the Orient  , 2013  г.

Styled as Oriental tales, these parables are unexpected, exciting, colorful, and tremendously readable. Vlas Doroshevich could not stand tyranny in any form and in his tales he availed himself of complete freedom to mock, to despise, and to accuse the authorities for their wickedness, hypocrisy, and stupidity. These tales could be written by and for rebellious anti-establishment youth of today. Do... дальше >>
The Grassy Street 10. Eppel Asar : The Grassy Street  , 2008  г.

"As the narrative delivers glimpses of human life in bite-size chunks, [Asar] Eppel's extraordinary compassion and humor is revealed, combined with his Jewish sense of history and merciless insight into people's true natures" Good Book Guide "Unsentimental but humane, his spare realism penetrates daily life" The New York Times Book Review... дальше >>

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