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The Guinness Story: The Family, the Business and the Black Stuff 1. Bourke Edward J. : The Guinness Story: The Family, the Business and the Black Stuff  , 2009  г.

This 250-year old story will fascinate lovers of Guinness beer and memorabilia as well as those interested in this remarkable family of brewers and the industrial history of Ireland's most famous export. Over 100 fascinating photographs bring to life the pivotal role that the Guinness brewery has played in Ireland for over two centuries: the early days of the brewery; the Guinness dynasty; the bre... дальше >>
Hide and Speak Irish 2. Bruzzone Catherine : Hide and Speak Irish  , 2009  г.

Hide and Speak goes further than most picture word books. It offers an effective and simple way to learn over 130 key Irish words following the tried-and-tested method of 'look, cover and speak'. Using the two wipe-clean flaps at the back of the book to cover the words or the pictures, you can practise speaking or writing the words as many times as you want. The book is organized into 15 popular t... дальше >>
Red is the Rose 3. Jonathan Rossney : Red is the Rose  , 2011  г.

Dedicated to the most inspirational of subjects, this memorable collection of poetry is sure to be the perfect companion to those in love. With timeless works from some of the most noted poets of all time, this collection has the perfect balance of classic and modern styles.... дальше >>
The Crowded Shadows 4. Kiernan Celine : The Crowded Shadows  , 2009  г.

New Friends. Old Enemies. Who can you trust? Wynter Moorehawke travels alone and unprotected in bandit-infested forests, searching for the rebel Prince Alberon. But many enemies are lurking in the shadows. It seems that every tyrant and zealot who has ever threatened the Kingdom is sending emissaries to meet Alberon. Wynter becomes increasingly nervous of the prince's intentions. She is overjoyed ... дальше >>
The Poison Throne 5. Kiernan Celine : The Poison Throne  , 2009  г.

This work is this year's most exciting crossover title. A Friend. A Father. A Kingdom. Which one would you sacrifice? This compelling trilogy of court intrigue, adventure and romance is a winning combination of imagination, powerful storytelling and magnificent characters. Fifteen-year-old Wynter Moorehawke returns home after a five-year sojourn in the bleak Northlands. All has changed in her abse... дальше >>
The Tain: The Great Celtic Epic 6. MacUistin Liam : The Tain: The Great Celtic Epic  , 1989  г.

The heroic and romantic Celtic epic is made accessible to readers of all ages. Read about the feats of the famous Cuchulainn, who singlehandedly defends Ulster against the army of Queen Maeve; Maeve's greed; the magical and fantastical happenings that occur throughout the Tain; about bravery, courage and love. Read, too, of the famous personalities of Celtic lore - Morrican the Witch, King Conor o... дальше >>
The Christy Moore Song Book 7. Moore Christy : The Christy Moore Song Book  , 1984  г.

This collection presents the lyrics and music of more than 100 of the songs Christy Moore has performed.... дальше >>
20 Things to Do in Dublin Before You Go for a Feckin' Pint 8. Murphy Colin : 20 Things to Do in Dublin Before You Go for a Feckin' Pint  , 2014  г.

Got some time on your hands before you hit Dublin's famous pubs? Then you need this book, an invaluable guide to thirty of Dublin's highlights for visitors and native alike. History, culture, strangeness and beauty are all here - along with a list of the local hostelries to visit and let the experience soak in. Sprinkled with the wit of Murphy and O'Dea, best known for the Feckin' Collection. Key ... дальше >>
Missing Ellen 9. Natasha Mac a'Bhaird : Missing Ellen  , 2013  г.

'Sometimes it feels like I'm the one who's missing, like I'm not really present in my own life any more - I'm like a ghost or something, wandering through school or home or town looking on at everything that's happening and not really a part of it at all.' Ellen and Maggie have been best friends for as long as they can remember - sharing clothes, passions and secrets. When Ellen goes missing, Magg... дальше >>
City of Fate 10. Pierce Nicola : City of Fate  , 2014  г.

In the CITY OF FATE there are only two options: to win or to lose forever. Imagine your home is bombed one Sunday afternoon by a horde of enemy planes. Imagine your family has gone and you are left behind. This is the fate of five-year-old Peter and two teenagers Yuri and Tanya. Imagine being ordered to leave school to fight the terrifying Nazis in WWII. Imagine you are right in the middle of a ba... дальше >>

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