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Apple Design 1. Apple Design  , 2013  г.

Featuring over two hundred examples of designs, this publication focuses on Jonathan Ive (*1967 in London), Senior Vice President of Industrial Design for Apple, who since 1997 has been responsible for the design of all of the company s products. Over the past decade, Ive and his team of designers wrote electronics design history with their standard-setting iMacs, iPhones, iPods, and iPads. Their ... дальше >>
Ars Viva 2011/12 Sprache / Language: Erik Bünger, Philipp Goldbach, Juergen Staack 2. Ars Viva 2011/12 Sprache / Language: Erik Bünger, Philipp Goldbach, Juergen Staack  , 2013  г.

The spoken and the written word have long since found their way into the visual arts: as epigrams, marginal notes, quotes, collaged text fragments, or part of a performance, a video, or a sound installation. In particular since the advent of Conceptual Art, language has even been regarded as the actual and independent material and medium of the visual arts. Association of Arts and Culture of the G... дальше >>
Documenta 13: Catalog III/3, The Guidebook 3. Documenta 13: Catalog III/3, The Guidebook  , 2013  г.

The Guidebook is entirely devoted to the artists participating in Documenta 13. Each one is introduced in an illustrated essay written by one of the Documenta's agents, in close collaboration with the artists-who also contribute illustrations, which are as diverse as the projects themselves. These essays are individual visual statements, ranging from drawings to notes. Narrative introductions to t... дальше >>
Erwin Wurm: Wear Me Out 4. Erwin Wurm: Wear Me Out  , 2013  г.

A master of deadpan sculpture and the absurd gesture, the Austrian artist Erwin Wurm (born 1954) is tireless and brilliant in his constant reinvention of sculptural convention. With each new work Wurm seems to think sculpture completely afresh, and always with materials readily to hand, such as cars, houses, or bodies: his One-Minute Sculptures (which marked his international debut) consisted of s... дальше >>
Nalini Malani: In Search of Vanished Blood 5. Nalini Malani: In Search of Vanished Blood  , 2013  г.

One of India's most influential contemporary artists, Nalini Malani (born 1946) creates paintings, wall drawings, theatrical works, video and shadow plays. Inherited iconographies and cherished cultural stereotypes are challenged from a contemporary urban, internationalist point of view. This catalogue accompanies her show at Documenta 13.... дальше >>
Neo Rauch: The Graphic Work, 1993-2012 6. Neo Rauch: The Graphic Work, 1993-2012  , 2013  г.

One of today’s best-known contemporary artists, New Leipzig School painter Neo Rauch (born 1960) blends the realistic figuration of Social Realism with Surrealism: brightly colored figures parade through upended environments, and multiple historical periods overlap in a single work. Most recognized for his paintings and drawings, Rauch has also created an impressive output of printed works over th... дальше >>
Японский опыт: неизбежность (на английском языке) 7. Японский опыт: неизбежность (на английском языке)  , 2011  г.

... дальше >>
Elizabeth Peyton Ghost: Works on Paper 8. Als Hilton : Elizabeth Peyton Ghost: Works on Paper  , 2013  г.

Famed for her painted portraits, Elizabeth Peyton (born 1965) has also created a wide range of prints over the past two decades, including monotypes, lithographs, woodcuts and etchings. Experimenting with different techniques, she uses a variety of diverse paper stocks and handmade papers as well as various colored and monochromatic inks. In comparison to the diminutiveness of her paintings, the r... дальше >>
Nedko Solakov. Emotions (without Masks) 9. Beil Ralf : Nedko Solakov. Emotions (without Masks)  , 2011  г.

The work of Bulgarian artist Nedko Solakov (born 1957) balances political and social critique with deliberate naivete. The artist's activities incorporate small-scale drawing, sculpture and installation, translating his lived experiences under a totalitarian Communist regime into universally relatable expressions of anxiety and thwarted hope.... дальше >>
Renoir in the 20th Century 10. Benjamin Roger : Renoir in the 20th Century  , 2010  г.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841 1919) is so heavily associated with Impressionist painting that his last creative period has frequently been ignored. This publication devotes itself to precisely these last three creative and innovative decades, in which Renoir abandoned Impressionism. He dedicated himself during this period to cheerful subjects such as bathers, domestic idylls, and landscapes that wer... дальше >>

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