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Clint Eastwood 1. Benoliel Bernard : Clint Eastwood  , 2010  г.

Clint Eastwood (USA, b. 1930) is a veteran among the grand masters of contemporary American cinema, whose rise through the system took a highly unusual form. After playing iconic roles in Sergio Leone's spaghetti westerns of the 1960's, he returned to Hollywood and underwent a controversial reincarnation as the ultraviolent cop Harry. In the 1970's Eastwood began to direct and, in the style of the... дальше >>
Steven Spielberg 2. Cohen Сlelia : Steven Spielberg  , 2010  г.

Steven Spielberg (USA, born 1946) was the boy wonder of the new Hollywood of the 1970's. Taking Orson Welles as his model, he made Duel aged only 25, following it up with a string of successes that brought him the adulation of the studios. As a fan of special effects, and entirely attuned to the shift towards younger film audiences, he took entertainment to new heights with films such as "Jaws" (1... дальше >>
Charlie Chaplin 3. Larcher Jerome : Charlie Chaplin  , 2011  г.

Charlie Chaplin (UK, 1889-Switzerland, 1977) is one of cinema's mythical figures, while the character he played so often has become an icon. After a childhood in Dickensian London and early work on the stage, he moved to Hollywood, where he was able to express his rich talent to the maximum, becoming the undisputed master of the burlesque genre in its golden age. His best-known feature films, incl... дальше >>

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