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A Moment. Master Photographers: Portraits by Michael Somoroff 1. A Moment. Master Photographers: Portraits by Michael Somoroff  , 2013  г.

Photographers Known is the body of work Michael Somoroff made thirty-five years ago. He took it upon himself to photograph in depth his heroes and mentors, the master pho-tographers of the twentieth century. Michael Somoroff had been introduced to their work and subsequently to the photographers themselves by his father, Ben Somoroff a successful com-mercial photographer. In honor of each of these... дальше >>
Brian Bowen Smih 2. Brian Bowen Smih  , 2013  г.

Born and raised in Syracuse, New York, Brian Bowen Smith became a professional photographer by a less traditional route than most. While performing as a pro athlete, Bowen Smith happen to catch the eye of legendary photographer Herb Ritts, who invited him to appear in a Gap ad campaign. Ritts subsequently became his mentor and friend. Four years spent as Ritts' assistant helped Bowen Smith to esta... дальше >>
Eleven by Philip-Lorca diCorcia 3. Eleven by Philip-Lorca diCorcia  , 2013  г.

Between 1997 and 2008, Philip-Lorca diCorcia completed 11 photographic portfolios in collaboration with "W "magazine's creative director Dennis Freedman. In their epic scope and visual luxuriance, these enigmatic and glamour-soaked photographic narratives stand as one of the most ambitious editorial projects of the last decade. DiCorcia and Freedman traveled the globe to make these stories, deploy... дальше >>
Fashion at the Time of Fascism 4. Fashion at the Time of Fascism  , 2010  г.

The first visual history of Modernist Italian fashion during Benito Mussolini's Fascist regime, and the product of immense research, "Fashion at the Time of Fascism" charts the fashion industry's ambivalent negotiation of international couture and the bizarre dictates of Fascism, and the legacy of this era in shaping today's fashion industry. Authors Mario Lupano and Alessandra Vaccari explore and... дальше >>
Kenny Scharf Kolors 5. Kenny Scharf Kolors  , 2013  г.

Published on the occasion of Scharf's exhibition, Kolors, at Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York, (April 4 - May 4, 2013) this publication, produced in collaboration with Damiani and Standard Press, presents the artist's new body of Pop-Surrealist work, which includes monochrome paintings and large-scale sculptures. An in-depth photo essay explores Scharf's eclectic world, while Jeffrey Deitch's text pr... дальше >>
Klaus Mitteldorf Wrk Photogra 1983-2013 6. Klaus Mitteldorf Wrk Photogra 1983-2013  , 2013  г.

WORK includes all the photographs taken by the Brazilian photographer Klaus Mitteldorf. This monograph depicts the different stages, since 1975, of his personal and authorial photography when he started as a surf photographer in Brazil. In the early '80's, Mitteldorf started to develop a more graphic photography that ended with Papillon (the picture of the front cover). 1998 saw the culmination of... дальше >>
Mark Abrahams: Up Close 7. Abrahams Mark : Mark Abrahams: Up Close  , 2011  г.

One of the foremost fashion and magazine-cover photographers of the past two decades, American photographer Mark Abrahams has straddled the gap between fashion and celebrity portraiture with guileless simplicity and exacting care. A self-taught photographer, Abrahams portrays his subjects with an introspective depth and candor. His subjects run the gamut of the A-list: Julianne Moore, George Cloon... дальше >>
In Their Youth 8. Gorman G. : In Their Youth  , 2010  г.

In Their Youth: Early Portraits comprises over 200 of the California-based photographer's previously unpublished portraits from the last three decades, featuring famous actors shot when they were still unknown young men, from teen years into their early twenties. "I decided to do a project that expressed my infatuation with male beauty", Gorman explains, "especially in terms of youth... the portra... дальше >>
Soviet Era 9. Grinberg Markov : Soviet Era  , 2012  г.

Iconic images of the Soviet era take their place among never-seen-before images from Mikhail Markov-Grinberg, one of the greatest Russian photographers of the 20th century. Markov-Grinberg (1907-2006) is perhaps best known for his pictures of Red Stars replacing Double-headed Eagles on the Kremlin towers, or his portrait of miner Nikita Izotov - images which helped to define the culture of the USS... дальше >>
Tom Munro 10. Munro Tom : Tom Munro  , 2010  г.

One of today's foremost fashion and celebrity photographers, Tom Munro has been making defining images since the mid-1990s. Munro achieves his results by encouraging his subjects to reinterpret their personalities for his lens, reveling in seductive roleplay or darkly-lit melodrama. The subjects gathered here include some of the biggest names in pop culture today-Ashton Kutcher, Brooke Shields, Ch... дальше >>

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