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Latvia 1. Baister Stephen : Latvia  , 2007  г.

Touring the peaceful countryside and historic towns of Latvia is made simple with this guide. Travelers will benefit from advice on how to reach long, sandy beaches and quaint provincial villages, as well as a mass of practical information. Fascinating insights into Latvian folklore, customs, language and cuisine are provided to intrigue the curious browser and provide food for thought for travele... дальше >>
Malawi 2. Briggs Philip : Malawi  , 2010  г.

There's more to Malawi than its lake. This fifth edition of the Bradt guide explores the country's rolling plateaux and massifs, and its five national parks and four game reserves. Adventurers, meanwhile, can discover how to kayak off Cape Maclear, hike up Mount Mulanje or cross the wildlife-rich Nyika Plateau on horseback. The book covers the country's dynamic music scene, and uncovers little-vis... дальше >>
Sudan 3. Clammer Paul : Sudan  , 2009  г.

Much has changed in Sudan since the first edition of this guidebook was published in 2005. Following the peace agreement that ended the civil war of 1983-2005, southern Sudan is newly accessible to adventurous travelers. Bradt's Sudan continues to be the only guidebook dedicated to this emerging destination. This new edition offers full coverage of the southern towns of Juba, Malakal, Wau and Rumb... дальше >>
Dominica 4. Crask Paul : Dominica  , 2011  г.

Tiny but perfectly-formed Dominica is one of the most naturally dramatic islands of the Lesser Antilles. This beautiful island with its verdant mountains, lush valleys and dense tropical rainforests is still off the mass-tourism trail. However, cruise ships, hikers, scuba divers and nature-lovers are starting to discover this gorgeous 'Nature Island of the Caribbean'. This second edition offers pr... дальше >>
North Africa 5. Davies Ethel : North Africa  , 2009  г.

If you wonder: 'What have the Romans ever done for us?' you should perhaps visit Volubilis, the best-preserved Roman site in present-day Morocco, or the spectacular amphitheatre at El Jem, built by the wealthy proconsul Gordion who later committed suicide within his own great monument. North Africa: The Roman Coast is the first guide dedicated to the Roman heritage sites of modern-day Morocco, Alg... дальше >>
Niger 6. Geels Jolijn : Niger  , 2006  г.

This first English-language guide to the Saharan country of Niger spans the densely populated regions of the south - a colorful melting pot of cultures - and the hostile desert landscape of the north - featuring some of the most stunning sand dunes in Africa. Transport options for travelers are a particular feature of the guide - including long-distance connections to neighboring countries, river ... дальше >>
Sierra Leone 7. Manson Katrina : Sierra Leone  , 2009  г.

This is the only guide, in any language, devoted solely to Sierra Leone. Armed conflict ended here in 2002; while still poor, the country is safe and offers tremendous opportunities for English-speaking travellers. This guide gives details and maps of its miles of palm-fringed beaches that are among the best in West Africa. It covers deep-sea fishing and wreck diving, snorkelling, canoeing and whi... дальше >>
Argentina 8. McCloskey Erin : Argentina  , 2011  г.

Vast and vibrant Argentina has it all - adventure, culture, luxury, scenery - and it's still great value. From eating beefsteak in Buenos Aires to drinking Malbec in Mendoza, from the tango rhythms of town to remote landscapes and hidden gems, this second edition of the most in-depth guide on the market provides the necessary practical and background information to take visitors beyond the tourist... дальше >>
Zambia 9. McIntyre Chris : Zambia  , 2011  г.

Zambia is one of the best destinations in Africa for walking and river safaris, hot springs and waterfalls. This fifth, fully updated edition leads visitors through all the prime attractions - set in their historical and environmental context - from the newly declared Ngonye Falls National Park, through the Sioma Ngwezi National Park to the famous Luangwa Park, host to several unique species and a... дальше >>
Lapland 10. Proctor James : Lapland  , 2011  г.

Spanning the northernmost fringes of Norway, Sweden and Finland, Lapland offers exciting winter and summer adventures. Take in the indigenous Sami culture, experience a husky safari or snorkel alongside killer whales. Scandinavia enthusiast James Proctor leads visitors across magical frozen scenery, from the world-famous ICEHOTEL and the stunning Laponia World Heritage area to the Arctic's midnigh... дальше >>

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