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Fancy design 1920 1. Fancy design 1920  , 2008  г.

Fancy Designs 1920 provides a collection of the gay, flowery, frivolous designs taken from wallpapers and fabrics typical of the Roaring Twenties.... дальше >>
Mail It 2. Mail It  , 2004  г.

Packaging is an important factor in any retail environment and a key element in most marketing strategies. Consumers react immediately to package shapes, and are influenced by them when making buying decisions. Different product categories are often easy to recognise by their characteristic form, for example chocolate boxes or milk cartons. On the other hand, a manufacturer of an exclusive product... дальше >>
Mini Icons 3. Mini Icons  , 2003  г.

The mini icons in this book are designed for use on hand-held organisers, such as Palm and other PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants). The restrictions dictated by such devices mean that designers must be extremely inventive to produce recognisable images with a minimum of pixels. The resulting designs are of amazing simplicity and must be viewed in small format to be distinguished properly.... дальше >>
Vegetables 4. Vegetables  , 2003  г.

Images of fruit and vegetables are popular as illustration with recipes, menus, cookbooks, etc., but also for postcards, invitations and T-shirts. In this book 250 vegetable images are reproduced, ranging from common to very exotic types. Added value is in the multilingual captions; hence the term Visual Dictionary.... дальше >>
Web Design Index 5 (+ CD-ROM) 5. Gunter Beer : Web Design Index 5 (+ CD-ROM)  , 2004  г.

These books contain stunning images for use as a graphic resource, or inspiration. All the illustrations are stored in high-resolution format on the enclosed free CD-ROM.... дальше >>
Cheongsam (+ CD-ROM) 6. Pepin Van Roojen : Cheongsam (+ CD-ROM)  , 2009  г.

The extremely elegant and feminine Cheongsam is a quintessential Chinese womens dress of the 20th century. In its modern form, it is a fusion of traditional Chinese costume and western fashion, that started its development in the early 20th century, notably in Shanghai. Later, Cheongsam design evolved primarily in Hong Kong and overseas Chinese communities. Interesting to note is that many great f... дальше >>
European Folk (+ CD-ROM) 7. Pepin Van Roojen : European Folk (+ CD-ROM)  , 2010  г.

EUROPEAN FOLK contains examples of the design of everyday textiles and costumes used throughout Europe, with a focus on the countries and regions of Central Europe (Poland, Ukraine, Transylvania, Moravia, Bohema, etc.). Typical design elements include bold checks and stripes, colourful flowers and all sorts of figurative elements associated with rural life and the passage of the seasons. Also incl... дальше >>

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