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The Hawk Eternal 1. Gemmel David : The Hawk Eternal  , 2008  г.

While the warlike and merciless Aenir wreak havoc upon the territory outside the mountain stronghold of the clans, Sigarni, the Hawk Queen, arrives in a parallel version of her own universe through a gate in space and time. Taliesen, last of the gatekeepers, has no idea why she has come. But he knows that heroes are needed and grants her passage into the ravaged land. Only Caswallon-loner, warrior... дальше >>
The Feast of All Saints 2. Rice Anne : The Feast of All Saints  , 1986  г.

In the days before the Civil War, there lived a Louisiana people unique in Southern history. For though they were descended from African slaves, they were also descended from the French and Spanish who had enslaved them. They were the gens de couleur libres-the Free People of Color-and in this dazzling historical novel, Anne Rice chronicles the lives of four of their number, men and women caught p... дальше >>
Villages. A novel 3. Updike John : Villages. A novel  , 2005  г.

John Updike's twenty-first novel, a bildungsroman, follows its hero, Owen Mackenzie, from his birth in the semi-rural Pennsylvania town of Willow to his retirement in the rather geriatric community of Haskells Crossing, Massachusetts. In between these two settlements comes Middle Falls, Connecticut, where Owen, an early computer programmer, founds with a partner, Ed Mervine, the successful firm of... дальше >>

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