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Home Plans for Baby Boomers 1. Home Plans for Baby Boomers  , 2008  г.

Homeowner's new title in its tremendously successful home plan series, "Home Plans for Baby Boomers" offers readers over 300 best-selling designs featuring main-level master suites. The book's subtitle pretty much sums up what it's about: "Finding the "me" in Boomer"; "Master Suites on the Main Floor"; "Right-Sizing to Fit Your Lifestyle". Over 200 gorgeous, full-color photographs allow readers to... дальше >>
Kitchens: The Smart Approach to Design 2. Kitchens: The Smart Approach to Design  , 2011  г.

Learn to think like a design pro and get the kitchen you've always wanted without making the types of mistakes that cost money or leave you less than thrilled with the result. Kitchens: The Smart Approach to Design explains everything you need to know to take the process from the earliest planning stages through understanding how to select and arrange a floor plan, how to shop for cabinets and app... дальше >>
Lowe's Builder Portfolio: Easy to Build Plans 3. Lowe's Builder Portfolio: Easy to Build Plans  , 2012  г.

Home plans for single family, multi-family and light construction office buildings. All plans contain easy-to-build standard frame construction as well as stock windows and door sizes. No cost modifications to make plans to comply with aging-in-place and/or handicap-accessible guidelines. Material take-off included - a $345.00 value with minumum purchase of $5000 worth of merchandise from Lowe's. ... дальше >>
Dream Log Homes & Plans 4. Barbara Winfield : Dream Log Homes & Plans  , 2008  г.

More people are building log homes than ever before. In fact, according to the Log Home Council (LHC) of the National Association of Home Builders, sales have doubled over the last decade. "Almost 90 percent of these houses are their owners' primary home and 84 percent are built in or near metropolitan areas", says the LHC. "Dream Log Homes & Plans" addresses the design needs of existing and poten... дальше >>
Ultimate Guide to Bathrooms 5. Donegan Fran J. : Ultimate Guide to Bathrooms  , 2007  г.

This work is a dedicated mailing/e-mail campaign to home improvement mags & media. With its easy-to-follow, fully illustrated instructions, The Ultimate Guide to Bathrooms allows readers to create their perfect bathroom. This outstanding volume guides readers through the sometimes difficult process of designing and remodelling, or building the perfect bathroom from scratch. Readers will find infor... дальше >>
Ultimate Guide to Kitchens: Plan, Remodel, Build 6. Donegan Fran J. : Ultimate Guide to Kitchens: Plan, Remodel, Build  , 2007  г.

This practical and inspiring volume guides readers through the sometimes difficult process of remodelling or creating from new the most important room in a house! Packed with 60 of the most popular projects ever, readers will find inspiration and information on layout and design, as well as general construction and installation advice. This volume also covers: How to install sinks, counters, cooke... дальше >>
Ultimate Guide to Basements, Attics and Garages 7. Homeowner Creative : Ultimate Guide to Basements, Attics and Garages  , 2006  г.

This fantastic volume shows readers how they can maximise the useable but unfinished areas in their house without the extra cost of expansion, or the hassle of moving. Basements, Attics & Garages is packed with advice on planning and designing, framing attics, basements, and garages, installing skylights, finishing walls and ceilings, fitting doors and windows, and building stairs. It also feature... дальше >>
Design Ideas for Basements 8. Kalyn Wayne : Design Ideas for Basements  , 2009  г.

This is a richly illustrated guide to realizing the full potential of your basement. It includes hundreds of examples of finished projects. This superbly illustrated volume provides readers with all the information and inspiration they need to transform their basement into a comfortable and stylish living space. Design Ideas for Basements features hundreds of examples that illustrate the many uses... дальше >>
Decorating to Go 9. Nappi Adrienne : Decorating to Go  , 2009  г.

Knowing that a living space is temporary can fill anyone with dread. Between the dorm, a first apartment, a starter home, or even military housing, you could go crazy trying to decorate your space only to tear it down for the next move. But Decorating to Go provides readers with great advice, design ideas, and creative solutions for giving a home a personal style that goes with you when you leave ... дальше >>
Best Signature Baths 10. Robitz Kathie : Best Signature Baths  , 2012  г.

Presents over 100 state-of-the-art bathrooms from leading designers around the country, first seen in Signature Kitchens & Baths magazine. Over 250 beautiful, full-color photos and illustrated floor plans show readers how to turn any bathroom into a highly functional and ultra-luxurious space.... дальше >>

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