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British Flower Painters 1650-1950 1. British Flower Painters 1650-1950  , 2008  г.

British flower painting has its own unique, if relatively recent, history, but it can only be judged in the light of the wider history of the subject and by comparison with other, particularly European, countries. The first chapter of "A History and Dictionary of British Flower Painters", therefore, sets the scene with a brief introduction to floral art world wide before the next four chapters con... дальше >>
Russian Decorative Arts 2. Russian Decorative Arts  , 2014  г.

Russia's last great Imperial celebration took place at the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg with the lavish ball of 1913 celebrating 300 years of Romanov rule. The finest gowns, jewels, snuff boxes, porcelain and silver tableware of the Tsarist era were ostentatiously displayed then for the last time. The outbreak of World War I in 1914 and the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 brought such flamboyance ... дальше >>
The Eye of the Photographer. The Story of Photography 3. The Eye of the Photographer. The Story of Photography  , 2013  г.

At the end of 2011, the exhibition 'FoMu: the collection' opened. It presented an outstanding selection of works from the collections of the FotoMuseum Antwerp (FoMu) and, after years of relative invisibility, a wealth of objects finally gain the place in the museum that they deserve. An entire wing of the museum building is devoted to an impressive ensemble of masterpieces, interspersed with unkn... дальше >>
P&O: Across the Oceans, Across the Years 4. Artmonsky Ruth : P&O: Across the Oceans, Across the Years  , 2012  г.

This beautiful book is a nostalgic glance astern at the glory days of P&O both at sea and on shore. Drawing on personal recollections in the archives of P&O Heritage, Ruth Artmonsky looks back at the influence of the company during the age of empire and a bygone time when travelling P&O captured the imagination of writers from Thackeray to Noel Coward. In addition the book takes a curator's tour o... дальше >>
William Bouguereau. His Life and Works 5. Bartoli Damien : William Bouguereau. His Life and Works  , 2014  г.

William Bouguereau (1825-1905) was a highly important and influential French academic painter, this is an illustrated biography of his life and works.... дальше >>
Segeln Exclusiv. The World of Superyachts 6. Behnken Wolfgang : Segeln Exclusiv. The World of Superyachts  , 2013  г.

In a multitude of exciting photos and numerous enlightening essays, 'Seglen Exclusiv: The World of Superyachts' unites the passion for sailing with fascination for design, sports and technology. This opulent volume takes the reader from the outside all the way into the very hearts of unique sailing yachts, tells the history of yachting, presents descriptions of most coveted yachting hotspots aroun... дальше >>
Liberty's Furniture 1875-1915: The Birth of Modern Interior Design 7. Bennett Daryl : Liberty's Furniture 1875-1915: The Birth of Modern Interior Design  , 2012  г.

'Liberty's Furniture 1875-1915' provides the clearest and most comprehensive account of early Liberty furniture to date. A definitive work of reference, the volume outlines the company's unique contribution to the British Arts and Crafts style. Throughout the history of the Arts and Crafts Movement, Liberty & Co. always enjoyed a prominent position. With imaginative design, high quality constructi... дальше >>
Encyclopedia of Russian Stage Design. 1880-1930 8. Bowlt John E. : Encyclopedia of Russian Stage Design. 1880-1930  , 2013  г.

Furthermore, through their daring inventions, Russian artists of the first thirty years of the 20th century transformed, profoundly and permanently, our perception of stage design - and hence of the theatre. They belonged to an extraordinarily creative generation of impresarios, dancers, actors, patrons, and critics who inspired or at least made a major contribution to the international renaissanc... дальше >>
Liberty & Co in the Fifties and Sixties. A Taste for Design 9. Buruma Anna : Liberty & Co in the Fifties and Sixties. A Taste for Design  , 2013  г.

Over the years since its inception in 1875 as the Oriental Emporium, Liberty's has both been at the forefront of fashion and the decorative arts and has sat comfortably riding on its waves. Its history is at the heart of its image to the outside world. In the fifties, Liberty's tried to subvert this image, but subsequently embraced it wholeheartedly in the following decade. Liberty's beginnings ar... дальше >>
Bacon Moore. Flesh and Bone 10. Calvocoressi Richard : Bacon Moore. Flesh and Bone  , 2013  г.

Despite working in different media, Francis Bacon and Henry Moore were exhibited together from end of the Second World War into the 1960s when Marlborough Fine Art represented both. Carefully chosen to highlight the important influences and experiences which they shared, the works included here bring a fresh perspective to Bacon and Moore, exploring themes in their work such as 'the Biomorphic/Pic... дальше >>

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