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Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary 1. Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary  , 2008  г.

Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary packs more than 35,000 entries filled with information into an easy-to-use paperback home and office guide to medical terminology. This up-to-date reference provides definitions for long-established terms and new words, including medical prefixes, suffixes, and abbreviations. Brand names and generic equivalents of many commonly used medications are also include... дальше >>
Merriam-Webster's School Dictionary 2. Merriam-Webster's School Dictionary  , 2004  г.

Written to help the high school student succeed, this revised edition contains 100,000 entries, more than 1,000 revised illustrations, abundant word history paragraphs, synonym paragraphs, and example sentences.... дальше >>

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