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20th Century Photography 1. 20th Century Photography  , 2012  г.

The history of photography began nearly 200 years ago, but only relatively recently has it been fully recognised as a medium in its own right. Cologne’s Museum Ludwig was the first museum of contemporary art to devote a substantial section to international photography. The L. Fritz Gruber collection, from which this book is drawn, is one of the most important in Germany and one of the most represe... дальше >>
Cars Now 2. Cars Now  , 2011  г.

With the motor industry in turmoil and environmental concerns more pressing than ever, this book highlights the latest cars that promise to challenge our dependency on fossil fuels. Tesla's S offers an alternative to the traditional luxury sports sedan, Chevrolet's Volt could leap-frog Toyota and Honda's trailblazing hybrids, Smart goes zero-emission, while electric cars from Renault and Nissan ar... дальше >>
Digital Beauties 3. Digital Beauties  , 2001  г.

TASCHEN goes digital! The first book in our groundbreaking new series on digital culture focuses on beauty and the cutting-edge computer generated female characters. Whereas most books on digital creation concentrate on technique and include detailed "how-tos" Digital Beauties is all about exploring the artistic achievements of today's best designers without a lot of complicated technical jargon. ... дальше >>
Elmer Batters 4. Elmer Batters  , 2012  г.

Elmer Batters (1919-1997) was the grand master of leg and foot art. While others preferred the thrill of an inviting cleavage, the maestro’s eye was on lower things—trim calves, the arch of a foot, the well-made lines of toes and heels. He chose his models with these criteria in mind—and with the obsessiveness of a Zen artist spent his lifetime looking for the perfect leg. Batters started out publ... дальше >>
Frida Kahlo: Passion and Pain 5. Frida Kahlo: Passion and Pain 

The Mexican artist Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) is one of the most important 20th century painters, and one of the few Latin American artists to have achieved a global reputation. In 1983 her work was declared the property of the Mexican state. Kahlo was one of the daughters of an immigrant German photographer and a Mexican woman of Indian origin. Her life and work were more inextricably interwoven tha... дальше >>
Guidelines for Online Success 6. Guidelines for Online Success  , 2008  г.

The dos and don'ts of web entrepreneurship. Have you ever wondered why your websites didn't quite match up to the success of your competitors or peers? Have you ever looked at other sites and thought: "Why didn't I think of that?" Have you ever spent too much time trying to find basic information that was buried deep in a needlessly complex website? You are certainly not alone and this book aims t... дальше >>
Helmut Newton: Sumo 7. Helmut Newton: Sumo 

SUMO was a titanic book in every respect: a 480-page tribute to the 20th century’s most influential, intriguing and controversial photographer, it broke records for weight, dimensions, and resale price. Helmut Newton (1920–2004) always demonstrated a healthy disdain for easy or predictable solutions. SUMO—a bold and unprecedented publishing venture—was an irresistible project. The idea of a specta... дальше >>
Hundertwasser's Architecture 8. Hundertwasser's Architecture 

“A house must be a living, organic entity that develops and constantly changes”, stated Friedensreich Hundertwasser in one of his arguments for his nature-and human-oriented architecture. Success vindicated his vision: roof afforestation, organic forms, colorful façades, uneven floors, irregularly positioned windows, gilded onion domes—Hundertwasser’s architecture is unmistakable. From the be... дальше >>
Illustration Now! 4 9. Illustration Now! 4 

The Illustration Now! series continually brings you groundbreaking work by the world's most exciting illustrators. A fascinating mix of established master draftsmen and neophytes, working in a vast range of techniques, Illustration Now! Vol. 4 features 150 illustrators from 30 countries, including information about their career paths and lists of selected exhibitions. Also included is an introduct... дальше >>
Keel's Simple Diary. Volume Two 10. Keel's Simple Diary. Volume Two  , 2011  г.

In a world where products are out as soon as they’re in, where communicating without wires doesn’t come without strings, and even our accessories need accessories, we need simple tools. A book that helps us look inside because we are overloaded outside. There are three reasons why most people, although they have tried, won’t keep a diary: 1. Not every day is very eventful. 2. It actually takes a l... дальше >>

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