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Bending the Frame by Fred Ritchin 1. Bending the Frame by Fred Ritchin  , 2013  г.

The older paradigm for photojournalists was to simply record events, with the hopeand frequently the expectationthat people and their governments would be moved to respond to the injustices pictured; as witnessed by the impact of certain images during the Civil Rights movement and the Vietnam War. Given evolving media and political climates, however, including the billions of images now available ... дальше >>
Uncovered: Photographs by Thomas Allen 2. Uncovered: Photographs by Thomas Allen  , 2013  г.

Fans of classic pulp paperbacks will flip over photographer Thomas Allen's delightful reconstructions. Taking covers from the pulpiest of pulp novels, Allen creates witty new scenes inspired by Hollywood noir, westerns, hard-boiled fiction, and femme fatale favorites.... дальше >>
Beauty in Photography. Essays in Defense of Traditional Values 3. Adams Robert : Beauty in Photography. Essays in Defense of Traditional Values  , 2005  г.

These essays address us in the quiet voice of a working photographer, an artist and craftsman who has thought long and seriously about his endeavor, who has tested and questioned his own assumptions in the light of actual practice. The result is a rare book of criticism, one that is alive to the pleasure and mysteries of true exploration. Written over a ten-year period, and originally published in... дальше >>
Robert Adams: Summer Nights, Walking 4. Adams Robert : Robert Adams: Summer Nights, Walking  , 2010  г.

In this exquisitely produced book, the influential American photographer Robert Adams revisits the classic collection of nocturnal landscapes that he began making in the mid-1970s near his former home in Longmont, Colorado. Originally published by Aperture in 1985 as Summer Nights, this new edition has been carefully reedited and resequenced by the photographer, who has added 39 previously unpubli... дальше >>
Faces of Sport 5. Armani Giorgio : Faces of Sport  , 2010  г.

People are always fascinated by the bodies of athletes. But the secret of their drive, ambition and passion can be seen in their faces, can be interpreted through their expressions. For this reason the portraits in this book focus on the face. They are the Faces of Sport Giorgio Armani In this exclusive and rich photographic gallery, great athletes - soccer players, boxers, cyclists, swimmers, ten... дальше >>
Photography After Frank 6. Gefter Philip : Photography After Frank  , 2009  г.

In Photography After Frank, former New York Times writer and picture editor Philip Gefter narrates the tale of contemporary photography, beginning at the pivotal moment when Robert Frank commenced his seminal works of the 1950s. Along the way, he connects the dots of photography's evolution into what it is today, forging links between its episodes to reveal unsuspected leaps. Gefter takes Frank's ... дальше >>
War is only half the story 7. Goldberg Jim : War is only half the story  , 2008  г.

Founded by photographer and writer Sara Terry, the nonprofit Aftermath Project documents the long-term repercussions of conflict that are so often neglected by the popular media. Terry, whose work has been widely exhibited at such venues as the United Nations and the Museum of Photography in Antwerp, initiated this project after her extensive documentary work on postwar Bosnia. Through grant compe... дальше >>
Barbara Crane. Private Views 8. Hitchcock Barbara : Barbara Crane. Private Views  , 2009  г.

In the early 1980s, Barbara Crane embarked on a series of photographs shot during Chicago's various summer festivals. Using a Super Speed Graphic camera and Polaroid film, Crane waded in close to the revelers, tracking down the details of their clothing, hairstyles and gestures. The images are tightly cropped and condensed and therefore terrifically alive, bringing us viscerally into the crush of ... дальше >>
Paul Fusco: RFK 9. Kennedy Edward : Paul Fusco: RFK  , 2009  г.

Paul Fusco: RFK, published during the fortieth anniversary of Robert F. Kennedy's assassination, is the long-awaited follow-up to Fusco's acclaimed RFK Funeral Train, a body of work heralded as a contemporary classic. This historical new publication features more than 70 never-before-seen images, many selected from the untapped treasure trove of slides that comprise the Library of Congress' Look M... дальше >>
Travelers 10. Martin Walter : Travelers  , 2010  г.

Within the simple constraints of a glass globe, the captivating images in Travelers conjure up entire sequences of imaginary worlds and events. Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz collaboratively create mesmerizing miniature snowbound environments, then record them in chilly color photographs. At first glance the work is playful; on closer observation, it often reveals darker narratives: Lone wanderers... дальше >>

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