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Steaming Basics: 97 Recipes 1. Guillamont : Steaming Basics: 97 Recipes  , 2012  г.

Often overlooked, steaming is an easy way to cook healthy meals at home. The versatility of cooking with steam is often overshadowed by its association with low-fat foods and dieting. The recipes in Steaming Basics produce hearty dishes that will satisfy the palates of the most demanding family members. The book covers: Condiments, butters and sauces; Dim sum favourites; Easy vegetables; Stuffed d... дальше >>
Shellfish 2. Mannerstrom : Shellfish  , 2013  г.

The ultimate shellfish cookery book from a world-renowned chef. Michelin-starred chef Leif Mannerstrom was the first recipient of Sweden's coveted maritime gastronomy award. This book is the first collection of his shellfish recipes and the first to bring his impeccable knowledge of shellfish to English-speaking readers. The author keeps one foot firmly planted in the best traditions of ocean cuis... дальше >>

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