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Detail in Contemporary Hotel Design (+ CD-ROM) 1. Detail in Contemporary Hotel Design (+ CD-ROM)  , 2013  г.

Hotel interiors need to satisfy the imaginations of their customers and whet the appetite for a return visit or recommendation, and the design that gets the formula right will do as much to prolong the life of the business as the service delivered within the hotel. This book explores in detail 48 of the best recent hotel interior design schemes, featuring projects by leading architects from around... дальше >>
Digital Textile Design 2. Digital Textile Design  , 2013  г.

Digital Textile Design, Second Edition covers everything students and practitioners of textile design will need to learn about designing and printing digitally. Written specifically for textile designers, Digital Textile Design, Second Edition provides the know-how for students and professionals who wish to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator as design tools. A series of inspirational tutorials, p... дальше >>
Fashion Designers’ Sketchbooks 2 3. Fashion Designers’ Sketchbooks 2  , 2013  г.

Following the success of Fashion Designers' Sketchbooks , this second volume shines a light on the work of a new line-up of major names in the fashion industry. Photographs, sketches, moodboards, line-ups, toiles, swatches and more all feed the creative processes that forge fashion designs, and here they are brought together to reveal how the final collections are conceived and developed. Juxtapos... дальше >>
My Monster Bubble Writer Book 4. My Monster Bubble Writer Book  , 2013  г.

My Monster Bubblewriter Book is an activity book to inspire and encourage creativity with both words and drawing. It teaches children how to create cool hand lettering, using their imaginations to create crazy alphabets from monsterinspired scripts to patchwork letters. There are loads of fun things to make, like posters and cards. Kids can use bubblewriting to write letters and play games, create... дальше >>
Naughty Little People. Postcards 5. Naughty Little People. Postcards 

Containing 21 detachable postcards of miniature scenes in which naughty little people engage in surprising, funny, titillating or simply obscene behaviour, this book gives readers a humorous look beneath the veneer of polite society. Artists Vincent Bousserez, Jonah Samson, Lisa Swerling and the Rainbowmonkey make stunning use of miniature scenes to create startling situations and amusing, memorab... дальше >>
Printed Textile Design 6. Printed Textile Design  , 2013  г.

In this student textbook, Amanda Briggs-Goode looks at the practicalities of printed textile design and the role of the printed textile designer. The book describes the fundamentals of how to design, including an exploration of the basics of colour, drawing, composition, repeat and the transference from flat textile to three-dimensional product, the design process, and the impact of using digital ... дальше >>
ReFashioned: Cutting-Edge Clothing from Upcycled Materials 7. ReFashioned: Cutting-Edge Clothing from Upcycled Materials  , 2013  г.

The area of recycling and upcycling is a rich and growing source of innovative design in the fashion and accessories industries. In a fast-fashion world of throw-away clothing, it is the ultimate expression of the slow-fashion movement, with each piece individually conceived and crafted from scratch, using different materials each time. ReFashioned features 46 international designers who work with... дальше >>
Stickerbomb XL 8. Stickerbomb XL  , 2013  г.

The latest in our super-successful Stickerbomb line of books, Stickerbomb XL takes it to the next level, with large format and vinyl stickers. Stickers are an essential part of the street art movement. Inexpensive and easy to produce, they act as a kind of informal business card for some graffiti writers, and a quick and effective promotional tool for many artists and illustrators. As more and mor... дальше >>
Style Wars: A Trump Cards 9. Style Wars: A Trump Cards 

Prada shirt or Paul Smith blazer Hermès tie or Armani suit which has the most timeless appeal? How about their boardroom kudos? Or their seduction factor? These trump cards allow menswear aficionados of all ages to play iconic designers, clothes and accessories off against each other to discover whos winning the style wars. Paperback.... дальше >>
Walk the Line: The Art of Drawing 10. Walk the Line: The Art of Drawing  , 2013  г.

Drawing has always been a fundamental skill and good drawing skills allowed artists to grasp the reality around them. At the turn of the millennium, however, the general impression was that with the wide availability of computers, scanners, digital cameras and image software, drawing would dwindle into a marginal activity. In fact, the opposite happened: the enthusiasm for digital imagery died dow... дальше >>

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