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Olympic Visions: Images of the Games Through History 1. O'Mahony Mike : Olympic Visions: Images of the Games Through History  , 2012  г.

Since its creation in 1896, the Olympic Games has become a worldwide phenomenon viewed by billions across the globe. Staged every four years, people from every country find it difficult not to be caught up in the excitement of the games, from the lighting of the Olympic flame at the lavish, spectacular opening ceremony to the extinguishing at its close. Over the years it has become an honour for a... дальше >>
In the Shadow of Yalta 2. Piotrowski Piotr : In the Shadow of Yalta  , 2012  г.

In the Shadow of Yalta is a comprehensive study of the artistic culture of the region between the Iron Curtain and the USSR, taking in Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Yugoslavia. Piotr Piotrowski chronicles the relationship between art production and politics in this zone between the end of World War II and the fall of Communism, focusing in particular on the avant-... дальше >>

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