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Full Steam Ahead: A Golden Age of Cruises 1. Full Steam Ahead: A Golden Age of Cruises  , 2013  г.

Step aboard the most beautiful cruise ships, from the 1930s to present day! Discover life aboard as well as numerous mythical ports of call, from the Caribbean to the Far East... It was in 1891 that Albert Balin, director of the Hamburg American Line, invented a travel concept that would soon enjoy world-wide success: the pleasure cruise... Largely democratized since the days of the first floating... дальше >>
Ladurуe: Almanac: Perpetual 2. Ladurуe: Almanac: Perpetual  , 2013  г.

... дальше >>
Laduree: Sucre: The Recipes 3. Andrieu Phillipe : Laduree: Sucre: The Recipes  , 2012  г.

From biscuits to cakes, and from tarts to pastries, the classics of the House of Laduree are unveiled in this beautifully photographed collection of recipes. Even the world-famous macaroon reveals its secrets! Within these pages, you will find a tantalising array of refined flavours and enchanting colours: powder pink, vibrant lilac and Ladurees trademark pastel green... where the delicious combin... дальше >>

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