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Woman with a Movie Camera. My Life as a Russian Filmmaker 1. Goldovskaya Marina : Woman with a Movie Camera. My Life as a Russian Filmmaker  , 2008  г.

Marina Goldovskaya is one of Russia's best-known documentary filmmakers. The first woman in Russia (and possibly the world) to combine being a director, writer, cinematographer, and producer, Goldovskaya has made over thirty documentary films and more than one hundred programs for Russian, European, Japanese, and American television. Her work, which includes the award-winning films The House on Ar... дальше >>
Big Bend National Park 2. Patoski Joe Nick : Big Bend National Park  , 2008  г.

Big Bend National Park is one of the few places left in America where a person can literally get away from it all. Nestled in the great bend of the Rio Grande that forms one of the most distinctive features of the silhouette of Texas, the park is several hundred miles from any large city. Within its 1,250 square miles of mountains, canyons, desert, and river, Big Bend National Park offers visitors... дальше >>

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