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The Dutch Golden Age Book 1. Giltaij Jeroen : The Dutch Golden Age Book  , 2008  г.

The Dutch Golden Age Book is a new, compact and multifaceted survey of painting in the Dutch Golden Age. The book provides an outstanding picture of the exceptional and prolific production of paintings created in the Netherlands during the seventeenth century. This publication not only provides a complete picture of the Golden Age of Dutch painting, but also offers the very latest theories concern... дальше >>
Rembrandt's Mother 2. Vogelaar Christiaan : Rembrandt's Mother  , 2012  г.

An old woman, thought to be Rembrandt's mother, is frequently portrayed in his works. Whether Rembrandt really did depict his mother, or whether this is a myth which has persisted for centuries is still not clear. This book discusses the creation of this myth, which has been an essential part of Rembrandt.... дальше >>

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