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Alfons Mucha 1. Alfons Mucha  , 2013  г.

Though Alfons Mucha (1960-1939) achieved lasting international acclaim as an Art Nouveau painter, graphic designer and decorator, his photography is not as well known. In this new, expanded edition produced in cooperation with the Mucha Trust, an intimate and accomplished photographer is revealed. A kind of sketchbook and personal visual diary, this record of captured moments from the mid-1880s un... дальше >>
Allure of French & Italian Decor 2. Allure of French & Italian Decor  , 2013  г.

France and Italy have long been the go-to spots for fashionistas, serious foodies and design mavens. Rich patinas, satisfying earthen hues and myriad natural materials translate into timeless, unabashedly elegant yet livable rooms appropriate for our times. Award-winning designer Betty Lou Phillips shows how the best from two European countries combine to create la dolce vita the good life in ways... дальше >>
Andy Warhol 3. Andy Warhol 

An Andy Warhol postcard book from Galison is a great gift to keep and enjoy or use and spread the enjoyment. Postcards include Pop Art favorites like the Campbell's Tomato Soup Can, Banana, and celebrity portraits as well as cards that quote Andy Warhol bon mots.... дальше >>
Captain Grant's Children: Activity Book (Level 4) 4. Captain Grant's Children: Activity Book (Level 4) 

... дальше >>
Charles Faudree: Home 5. Charles Faudree: Home  , 2013  г.

In Home, best selling author and designer Charles Faudree invites a few of his friends - designers, artists, family and clients - to introduce the different rooms of the house and add to introduce the different rooms of the house and add their unique insights on how to make the most of the space we live in. The homes featured here have plenty of Charles s typical French Country soul from large fam... дальше >>
Cherry Blossoms 6. Cherry Blossoms  , 2013  г.

The cherry blossom is a symbol of evanescent beauty in Japan, and its soft pink colorations have been explored countless times by Japanese artists throughout history. Featuring the work of Kyoto kimono design masters, this volume offers splendid examples of the venerable cherry and its variants, with color swatches, line-drawn renderings, image reverses, and other treatments that breathe new life ... дальше >>
Christian Dior: Man of the Century 7. Christian Dior: Man of the Century  , 2013  г.

At once Dior scrapbook, survey and autobiography, this magnificent compendium offers a panorama of the life and art of one of the twentieth century's most influential fashion designers. It reprints Dior's 1956 autobiography Christian Dior et moi--in which the designer contrasted his reputation as both an individual and as a company with his own sense of himself--alongside eight articles by Dior fi... дальше >>
Courtyards: Intimate Outdoor Spaces 8. Courtyards: Intimate Outdoor Spaces  , 2013  г.

Writer and photographer Keister offers a beautifully photographed book which looks at past and present day courtyards around the world. The book examines the history of the courtyard, both private and public, community courtyards, historic residential courtyards, modern courtyards, water features, and outdoor lighting. Keister presents a wide varie.... дальше >>
Dessert FourPlay 9. Dessert FourPlay  , 2013  г.

Consider the strawberry: its familiar flavor and texture; its fresh, sweet smell. Now imagine the same fruit distilled and carbonated for a refreshing soda, slow-roasted for a reinvented strawberry shortcake, made into a creamy strawberry ice cream and a chewy strawberry leather, and combined with coconut cream and crisp chocolate pastry. Alone, each dessert is a taste of paradise, but together th... дальше >>
Eden and After 10. Eden and After 

For over 30 years, Nan Goldin has created photographs that are intimate and compelling: they tell personal stories of relationships, friendships and identity, while chronicling different eras and exposing the passage of time. Eden and After is a new collection of photographs of childhood by the highly influential contemporary photographer, capturing the energy, emotion and mystery of childhood. Th... дальше >>

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