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Archi-Tectonics: Winka Dubbeldam 1. Archi-Tectonics: Winka Dubbeldam  , 2013  г.

With her progressive architectural office Archi-Tectonics, Winka Dubbeldam has advanced to the very top of the New York architecture scene. Her innovative projects are grounded within the context of urban planning, society and technology and attest to a unique interplay of materials and methods. This monograph presents an impressive overview of the projects that have endowed her with international... дальше >>
Fresh 1: Cutting Edge Illustrations - Object 2. Fresh 1: Cutting Edge Illustrations - Object  , 2011  г.

There are no boundaries: today's borders between style, format and content are blurring just as the real and the imagined have been blurred. FRESH is a groundbreaking collection of contemporary illustration from around the world, presenting a wide range of styles and techniques. Hundreds of successful projects from brand-new faces to star illustrators are featured in this series of three books. Th... дальше >>
Non Intentional Design 3. Brendes Uta : Non Intentional Design  , 2006  г.

Non Intentional Design (NID) is a term we have invented and which has not yet entered everyday linguistic use. (Perhaps this will change following publication of this book.) NID refers to the day-to-day redefining of the defined. NID deals with norms which are "abnormally" transformed - every day, everywhere, by everyone. It is about the use and the exploitation of objects already designed: the ch... дальше >>
Corporate Collections 4. Conzen Friedrich : Corporate Collections  , 2013  г.

Leading German corporations as owners of art collections, which, in importance and size, are in no way inferior to those of public museums, has become quite a common phenomenon. The individual endeavors of artloving executives soon turned into a successful example of modern corporate culture. High-profile and professionally cared for corporate collections create a cultural indentity. CORPORATE COL... дальше >>
Superlative Emirates: The New Dimension of Urban Architecture 5. Klein Caroline : Superlative Emirates: The New Dimension of Urban Architecture  , 2012  г.

The German architecture and design scene today is characterized by imaginative and progressive concepts on the highest technical and creative level. E specially in the field of ecological construction Germany set the international standards. Zeitgeist introduces the most compelling German architecture - and design offices, from the most established and renoun to the shooting stars of the scene.... дальше >>
Rising: Young Artists to Keep an Eye on 6. Salie Olaf : Rising: Young Artists to Keep an Eye on  , 2011  г.

Like a watchlist RISING presents about 100 young artists who are still at the beginning of their career and whose extremely interesting positions are not yet counted as secured by the established art market. Young art personalities in the often difficult but crucial time between the academy and the first experiences in galleries whose exciting work already raises hopes. The book is not only an ins... дальше >>

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