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Kate Remembered 1. Berg A.Scott : Kate Remembered  , 2003  г.

This memoir is both a tribute and a tender farewell, revealing an unusual relationship in a notable life lived largely according to Katharine Hepburn's own rules. More importantly, it sets down many of the stories of that life as she saw them, full of sentiments that she felt should not be made public until after her death. This book not only traces the poignant final 20 years during which Berg kn... дальше >>
Chandeliers: The Only Style Guide to Chandeliers 2. Hilliard Elizabeth : Chandeliers: The Only Style Guide to Chandeliers  , 2001  г.

The crowning glory in many a room, this graceful light fitting is once again enjoying resurgence. Chandeliers sums up the fatal attraction of the chandelier and will introduce you to the many different styles available from exquisite assemblages of crystal drops to contemporary, minimal design features. It details the history of the chandelier from its humble beginnings as a holder for candles to ... дальше >>

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