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Bike Days. Notebook 1. Bike Days. Notebook  , 2014  г.

This new stationery range features beautiful photography of vintage bikes. Celebrate the romance and utilitarian chic of life on two wheels with notecards in a tin, paperback journals, flip-top mini notebooks and a mini flexi notebook.... дальше >>
Blenheim and the Churchill Family: A personal portrait 2. Blenheim and the Churchill Family: A personal portrait  , 2014  г.

Blenheim Palace is one of the most important buildings in Europe, and the only palace in England that is still lived in as a family home. Yet controversy and conflict seethed around the Palace from its very start, thanks to two strong-minded women: Sarah, the wilful first Duchess, who wanted a home fit for a hero, and Queen Anne, who envisaged a glorious monument to England herself and a palace to... дальше >>
Children's Spaces 3. Children's Spaces  , 2013  г.

A brilliant book for design-conscious parents and kids alike! Children's Spaces helps you to plan all the practical aspects of children's rooms and provides plenty of affordable ideas and inspiration when it comes to their design and decoration. Judith Wilson looks at rooms for children between birth and ten years old, with chapters on babies' rooms, rooms for girls, rooms for boys, and shared bed... дальше >>
Dinner and a Movie 4. Dinner and a Movie  , 2013  г.

What better way to unwind after a long week at work than getting together with family and friends for a fun-filled movie night? Choose a theme for the evening, put on your comfiest pjs or most stylish loungewear, prepare some delicious snacks and treats and have fun selecting your best-loved movies. Dinner and a Movie is the ultimate guide to help you enjoy the big screen in the comfort of your ow... дальше >>
French Fancies 5. French Fancies  , 2013  г.

From the quirky to the classic, the sweet to the chic, this gorgeous collection of adorable bite-sized treats is a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds. Whether your favourite is a sophisticated French macaron or a gooey brownie, a whimsical whoopie pie or a melt-in-the-mouth pastry, there is something for everyone amongst these delightful home bakes. Cakes & Mini Bakes features French Fan... дальше >>
French Home 6. French Home  , 2013  г.

The French have a legendary sense of style. French Home explores the elements that combine to create spaces that have an identifiably French feel; showing the architectural details that enhance the framework of each room, the textures and the colour palette that flatter various styles of furniture, and exploring the options for lighting, mirrors and paintings. By exploring real homes that deftly s... дальше >>
Jane Packer (Wedding) Mini Notebook 7. Jane Packer (Wedding) Mini Notebook  , 2012  г.

... дальше >>
La Vie est Belle: The elegant art of living in the French style 8. La Vie est Belle: The elegant art of living in the French style  , 2013  г.

La Vie est Belle is the perfect gift for Francophiles or those with a passion for the best things in life - elegant interiors, ageless beauty and tradition, and fine food and wine. The book is arranged by region and offers a privileged glimpse inside dozens of French homes, from chateaux to farmhouses, as well as the regions in which they are set. The book also features essays on the traditions an... дальше >>
My Garden 9. My Garden  , 2013  г.

Featuring beautiful photography, this new range has something for every gardener, whether you want to send a note to other green-fingered friends, record your own gardening plans and purchases, or jot down any sudden planting inspirations on the handy sticky notes.... дальше >>
Pies Glorious Pies 10. Pies Glorious Pies  , 2013  г.

Take a pie masterclass with 'Pies Glorious Pies' and learn Tips and Techniques for preparing the most perfect of pies as well as failsafe recipes for classic pastry crusts. Everyday Pies are simple yet tasty recipes for pies which will always be met with a smile at the dinner table - from a timeless Steak and Kidney Pie to a Sausage Lattice Slice. When entertaining, there is no match for a Posh Pi... дальше >>

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