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Teach Yourself Access 2007 1. Teach Yourself Access 2007  , 2008  г.

Teach Yourself Access 2007 explains all the key aspects of this application from the user's angle. Written in a clear and enthusiastic style for the new user at home or in the office, it covers all the key features of Access 2007 and helps you to maximise your use of the system with confidence.... дальше >>
Close That Sale 2. Brooksbank Roger : Close That Sale  , 2010  г.

Learn how to hone your selling skills and close more sales with this easy to read guide written by someone with extensive experience of every aspect of selling and marketing in the international arena. Based on the five stage OIMCO selling model it covers: -Opening-phase selling skills, including taking control of your selling space and sizing up the customer; - Interviewing-phase selling skills, ... дальше >>
Get Started in Russian (+ Audio CD) 3. Farmer Rachel : Get Started in Russian (+ Audio CD)  , 2010  г.

This new edition of `TYS Beginner`s Russian` is specially written for people who have never learned a foreign language before. Fully updated to make your language learning experience fun and interactive, it still relies on the benefits of a top language teacher and TYS` years of teaching experience, but now includes added learning features within the course and online. By the end of this course, y... дальше >>
Teach Yourself Hungarian 4. Pontifex Zsuzsa : Teach Yourself Hungarian  , 2008  г.

This is a complete course in spoken and written Hungarian. If you have never learned Hungarian before, or if your Hungarian needs brushing up, "Teach Yourself Hungarian" is for you. Zsuzsa Pontifex has created a practical course that is both fun and easy to work through. She explains everything clearly along the way and gives you plenty of opportunities to practise what you have learned. The cours... дальше >>
Teach Yourself Manage Your IT for Profit 5. Scott Traer : Teach Yourself Manage Your IT for Profit  , 2011  г.

Photographer Traer Scotts portraits of dogs living in American shelters are endearing and heartrending, and make a passionate appeal to dog lovers everywhere. Some of the dogs subsequently found good homes; others were never adopted. The images reveal the strikingly intense emotion, dignity and even humor that Scott saw in each face, despite the dogs circumstances. By documenting the unique charac... дальше >>
Eastern Philosophy 6. Thompson Mel : Eastern Philosophy  , 2008  г.

Teach Yourself Eastern Philosophy examines key ideas that developed within the ancient civilisations of India and China. It presents a range of philosophies that both inform discussion of personal, moral and social issues and address the fundamental questions about the nature of reality and the place and purpose of human life within it.From the erotic images of Tantra to the simple precision of Ze... дальше >>
Understand The Philosophy Of Religion 7. Thompson Mel : Understand The Philosophy Of Religion  , 2011  г.

This book is for anyone wanting to understand what religion is really about. Exploring all the key principles upon which religion is based and setting out the arguments for and against belief in a clear, accessible style, it examines religion against current issues such as terrorism, evolution, and our multi-cultural society.... дальше >>

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