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The Xenophobe's Guide to the Americans 1. Faul Stephanie : The Xenophobe's Guide to the Americans  , 2008  г.

To many, the American is a strange creature: brash, loud, and a tad on the prideful side. This is a straightforward guide to all things American that explains mannerisms, food choices, attitudes, and a bevy of other idiosyncratic characteristics with plenty of wit. Perfect for novices to the country or Yankees looking for a bit of self-analysis, this is a no-holds-barred look at the red, white, an... дальше >>
Xenophobe's Guide to the Russians 2. Vladimir Zhelvis : Xenophobe's Guide to the Russians  , 2010  г.

After the considerable success of The Xenophobe's Guides series, which uncovers the quirks and curiosities of other nations for xenophobes (people who fear foreigners) a series of phrase books is now being launched for the 'xenolinguist' - people who are afraid of speaking a foreign tongue. When visitors are traveling abroad, they have to expect to meet foreigners. Most of these foreigners will no... дальше >>
The Xenophobe's Guide to the Chinese 3. Zhu Song : The Xenophobe's Guide to the Chinese  , 2005  г.

A guide to understanding the Chinese which dispels or confirms preconceived prejudices with humor and insight.... дальше >>

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