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Gordon Brown: Past, Present and Future 1. Beckett Francis : Gordon Brown: Past, Present and Future  , 2009  г.

What sort of a man is Gordon Brown? What kind of Prime Minister will he make? Can he stem the growing unpopularity of the Labour Party and win it a fourth term in office? This book, written in the first three months of the year in which Brown becomes Prime Minister, is both a biography and an assessment. Francis Beckett interviewed several of Brown's closest political collaborators, and had a back... дальше >>
Rosa Luxemburg 2. Harmer Harry : Rosa Luxemburg  , 2009  г.

This new biography takes a fresh view, re-examining Luxemburg's tempestuous career and her dream of socialism... дальше >>
Cleopatra. Life & Times 3. Jones Prudence : Cleopatra. Life & Times  , 2009  г.

This biography concentrates on Cleopatra’s ever-shifting identity. Depending on the audience, she might present herself as a goddess, a political leader, or an alluring and exotic woman. Roman statesmen likewise manipulated Cleopatra’s image for their own political ends.... дальше >>
Shakespeare 4. Lemmon Jeremy : Shakespeare  , 2009  г.

Born a glover's son in Stratford-upon-Avon, William Shakespeare is renowned as the greatest writer the English language has ever known. His art was rooted in a specific type of theatre which first emerged after he was born and disappeared soon after his death, and yet his works are studied as much now as they ever have been, and his legacy continues to grow. The plays, with their popular appeal an... дальше >>
Neville Chamberlain 5. Macklin Graham : Neville Chamberlain  , 2011  г.

Neville Chamberlain, the Conservative politician, was prime minister from 1937-40. When Baldwin retired in 1937, Chamberlain was his natural successor. By then there was a single dominant issue in world affairs - the aggressive intentions of Nazi Germany. The majority in Britain hoped that a peaceful solution could be found for Germany's claims on areas of other countries with German populations, ... дальше >>
Edgar Allan Poe 6. Morton Brian : Edgar Allan Poe  , 2011  г.

The United States was only some two decades old when Edgar Allan Poe was born. He stands at the very beginnings of American literature, an orphaned, rootless, haunted man who in just forty years gave short story writing its modern cast, pioneered detective and science fiction, and wrote some of the most memorable lyric poems in the English language. Poe's life was driven by scandal: endless confli... дальше >>
James Joyce 7. Pindar Ian : James Joyce  , 2009  г.

“Pindar has skillfully made the process of understanding the complex relationship between Joyce’s life and work ‘funagain.’”—The Times Literary Supplement This acclaimed biography, with an introduction by Terry Eagleton, tells the story of James Joyce rejecting his country and his religion, but going on to carefully recreate the Dublin of his youth in his fiction.... дальше >>
Orwell 8. Pindar Ian : Orwell  , 2009  г.

This is one title in a series of short, illustrated biographies. They tell the stories of those who have shaped our present and our past, from Beethoven to Dietrich, from Einstein to Churchill. George Orwell (1903-1949) wrote seminal reportage on the conditions of the poor - such as Down and Out in Paris and London and The Road to Wigan Pier - and was one of the first critics to write seriously ab... дальше >>
Trotsky 9. Renton Dave : Trotsky  , 2009  г.

Short of the founder of the Red Army later out-manoeuvered by Stalin... дальше >>
Dali 10. Salber Linde : Dali  , 2009  г.

Dali is one of the most important surrealistic painters and most eccentric of all artists of the Modern Age. His old-school techniques contrasted sharply with the other Surrealists, which led to his expulsion from the group. Death, decay and destruction are often repeated themes, influenced by Max Ernst, Giorgio de Chirico and the writing of Sigmund Freud. He described his style as a paranoid-crit... дальше >>

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