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Milan 1. Britten Fleur : Milan  , 2008  г.

As Italy's fashion capital (spawning the likes of Armani, Prada, Versace and Dolce & Gabbana), Milan is serried with sleek boutiques, smart bars, swanky restaurants and glamorous clubs. Its inhabitants' discerning tastes have pushed the envelope on design, vetoing foreign chains in favour of independent businesses. Milan also sets a super fast style pace for the rest of Italy. Residents compare it... дальше >>
A Hedonist's Guide to Almaty and Astana 2. Coish Summer : A Hedonist's Guide to Almaty and Astana  , 2008  г.

Almaty and Astana, Kazakhstan's current and former capitals, meld the old-world charm of Eastern Europe with a more modern, Western atmosphere. Stunning architecture, hip lounge bars, breathtaking mosques, and divine skiing slopes are just a few aspects of this unique region. Eschewing all dry historical information in favor of clear, precise lists of only the hottest locales in town, this guide i... дальше >>
Buenos Aires 3. Froggatt Charles : Buenos Aires  , 2008  г.

Outstanding photography with images for every hotel, restaurant, bar and nightclub.... дальше >>
A Hedonist's Guide To Lisbon 4. Marshall Sarah : A Hedonist's Guide To Lisbon  , 2008  г.

Hg2 Lisbon unlocks the secrets of Europe's Rio, enabling readers to saunter through ancient streets and party through until dawn in achingly hip restaurants and clubs or wonderful, local bars.... дальше >>
Berlin 5. Marshall Sarah : Berlin  , 2008  г.

The maxim 'anything goes' from the 20s and 30s days of Cabaret still rings true today. Driven by an unconventional and uncompromising spirit and the emergence of East Berlin's thriving fashion, bar and club scene, Berlin is fast becoming the party capital of Europe. But Berlin is essentially a hidden city - a marvel to unravel, but frustratingly difficult without the right guidance. Go beyond the ... дальше >>
A Hedonist's Guide To Beirut 6. Short Ramsay : A Hedonist's Guide To Beirut  , 2008  г.

Beirut is the Middle East’s party capital, overflowing with opulence, wealth and beauty, this dynamic city has everything to offer. Fabulous Roman ruins, skiing, beaches, wine and food all combine to an unforgettable experience.... дальше >>
A Hedonist's Guide To Tallinn 7. Shorter Laurence : A Hedonist's Guide To Tallinn  , 2008  г.

Tallinn has earned a reputation for legendary nightlife and beautiful women. Hg2 Tallinn goes beyond the stags to explore its picturesque streets and sophisticated restaurant, bar and café scene.... дальше >>
A Hedonist's Guide To Marrakech 8. Sullivan Paul : A Hedonist's Guide To Marrakech  , 2008  г.

One of the most talked-about cities in recent years, Marrakech continues to grace the style pages of magazines and newspapers across the world – it has become a haven for those interested in design, shopping and the naturally exotic.... дальше >>
Prague 9. Sullivan Paul : Prague  , 2008  г.

Outstanding photography with images for every hotel, restaurant, bar and nightclub.... дальше >>
A Hedonist's Guide To Paris 10. Vlotides Nina : A Hedonist's Guide To Paris  , 2008  г.

The City of Light has long been a by-word for style, fashion and romance. From the banks of the Seine to the streets of Montmartre, the city is imbued with a unique atmosphere and history. Hg2 turns it’s stylish focus on the city to unravel the, at times confusing, worlds of haute-cuisine, haute-couture and haute-culture.... дальше >>

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