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Tokyo 1955-1970: A New Avant-Garde 1. Chong Doryun : Tokyo 1955-1970: A New Avant-Garde  , 2013  г.

Tokyo 1955-1970: A New Avant-Garde explores the extraordinary convergence of artists, intellectuals, and creators in Japans capital city during the radically transformative postwar period. Examining works from a range of media paintings, sculpture, photographs, drawings, prints, videos and films, as well as graphics, architecture, musical compositions and dance this is the first publication in Eng... дальше >>
William Eggleston's Guide 2. Eggleston William : William Eggleston's Guide  , 2012  г.

William Eggleston's Guide was the first one-man show of colour photographs ever presented at The Museum of Modern Art, New York, and the Museum's first publication of colour photography. The reception was divided and passionate. The book and show unabashedly forced the art world to deal with colour photography, a medium scarcely taken seriously at the time, and with the vernacular content of a bod... дальше >>
Manet and the Execution of Maximilian 3. Elderfield John : Manet and the Execution of Maximilian  , 2012  г.

The execution of Emperor Maximilian of Mexico, in 1867, was the subject of a quartet of paintings by the French Impressionist and early Modernist Edouard Manet. These works are rarely shown together, and in fact cannot be seen in their entirety, since one of them exists only in fragments, but the three intact paintings and the surviving elements of the fourth are reproduced in this publication, an... дальше >>
Эрнаут Мик (на английском языке) 4. Kardish Laurence : Эрнаут Мик (на английском языке)  , 2011  г.

Dutch artist Aernout Mik's moving-image installations meld filmmaking, sculpture and architecture into experiences that are at once compelling and unsettling, irrational yet plausible. The artist designs and constructs architectural spaces that hold his moving images, making the viewer's physical relationship to the piece a critical component of the overall experience. By interrogating the most ba... дальше >>
Century of the Child 5. Kinchin Juliet : Century of the Child  , 2013  г.

In 1900, Swedish design reformer and social theorist Ellen Key published The Century of the Child, presaging the coming century as a period of intensified focus and progressive thinking around the rights, development and well-being of children. Taking inspiration from Key-and looking back through the twentieth century-this volume, published to accompany an exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art, e... дальше >>
Baggage 6. Marshak Samuil : Baggage  , 2013  г.

A lady checks her luggage for a train ride: a couch, a suitcase, a traveling bag, a picture, a basket, a hat-box, and a little dog. Will they all make it to her destination? During the 1920s in Russia, many authors, poets, and talented visual artists worked with fervent dedication and the support of the government to create a new type of childrens literature, one that drew on both the aesthetic in... дальше >>
Looking at Photographs 7. Szarkowski John : Looking at Photographs  , 2009  г.

Originally published in 1973, this marvelous collection of photographs with accompanying texts by the revered late Museum of Modern Art photography curator John Szarkowski has long been recognized as a classic. Reissued in 1999-with new digital duotones-this volume is now available to a new generation of readers. This is a picture book, and its first purpose is to provide the material for simple d... дальше >>
The Photographer's Eye 8. Szarkowski John : The Photographer's Eye  , 2008  г.

The Photographer's Eye by John Szarkowski is a twentieth-century classic--an indispensable introduction to the visual language of photography. Based on a landmark exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art in 1964, and originally published in 1966, the book has long been out of print. It is now available again to a new generation of photographers and lovers of photography in this duotone printing that... дальше >>

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