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Handmade Loaf 1. Handmade Loaf  , 2012  г.

The Handmade Loaf is a collection of recipes, personal stories and photographs that capture both the breads and the bakers of Europe. With over 80 recipes, many inspired by the bakers profiled, The Handmade Loaf provides a variety of bread staples that range from the rustic to the artisan. They tap into an older knowledge of bread baking while looking at local ingredients and traditional methods w... дальше >>
Fabric 2. Trocme Suzanne : Fabric  , 2008  г.

Fabric trends, choice and compulsion; This innovative guide takes an unprecedented look at the nature of fabric. Encapsulating the latest trends in pattern, texture and colour, and exploring the distinctive properties of traditional and modern manufacturing techniques, creative inspiration is drawn from up-and-coming contemporary designers as well as established companies. Main chapters look at th... дальше >>

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