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ABCing: Seeing the Alphabet Differently 1. Ellis Colleen : ABCing: Seeing the Alphabet Differently  , 2011  г.

ABCing: Seeing the Alphabet Differently is a primer to seeing and understanding the visual world. From abstract to zeitgeist, the book uses the Latin alphabet to introduce ways of visualizing, thinking and talking about art and design. Each illustration is created using only the negative shapes of a given letter. It is not the actual letterforms from which these new perspectives take shape, but th... дальше >>
Revelations and the Stupid Creatures 2. Murphy John : Revelations and the Stupid Creatures  , 2011  г.

In Revelations & the Stupid Creatures, John Murphy pairs his distinctive Stupid Creatures with the Book of Revelation, one of the Bible's most descriptive and interpreted sections. A multi-headed dragon; beasts that resemble a lion, calf, man and an eagle; seven angels and more get commissioned treatments from Murphy. At the same time, illustrator Liana Finck complements the creatures with her exp... дальше >>

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