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Paris: Life & Luxury in 18th 1. Paris: Life & Luxury in 18th  , 2013  г.

Luxury items from centuries past are most often seen within museum settings, devoid of their original contexts and connotations. This groundbreaking book seeks to re-imagine objects from 18th-century Paris within their original context, showing how they were used in the daily routines of the elite members of society. Against the background of the reign of Louis XV (1723-1774) the chapters move chr... дальше >>
Manuel Alvarez Bravo 2. Bravo Manuel Alvarez : Manuel Alvarez Bravo  , 2011  г.

Manuel Alvarez Bravo, who celebrates his 100th birthday in 2002, is Mexico's most famous photographer. In eight decades as a photographer, he interacted with Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, Sergei Eisentein, Tino Modotti and Octavio Paz, and created works of art that display an array of styles and themes. This volume contains 50 images with extended commentaries on each by Robert Tejada, an independent... дальше >>
An ABC of What Art Can Be 3. McArthur Meher : An ABC of What Art Can Be  , 2011  г.

This delightful book is a colorful reminder of the many things that visual art can be, become, and do. Whether it's weaving or making pottery or working on your computer or turning junk into something unexpected and wonderful, An ABC of What Art Can Be is an invitation to look around and think creatively-outside the boring box. After all, A is for artist, creator of art, Making all sorts of things... дальше >>
Alfred Stieglitz: Photographs from the J. Paul Getty Museum 4. Naef Weston : Alfred Stieglitz: Photographs from the J. Paul Getty Museum  , 2010  г.

This latest volume in the acclaimed In Focus series examines the life and work of Alfred Stieglitz, concentrating on the Getty Museum's considerable holdings of the work of this American master. In his studies of his wife, Georgia O'Keefe, in his portraits of the urban scene, and in his pictures of natural form, Stieglitz defined the modern movement on photography. In his periodical Camera Work he... дальше >>
The Restoration of Engravings, Drawings, Books, and Other Works on Paper 5. Schweidler Max : The Restoration of Engravings, Drawings, Books, and Other Works on Paper  , 2012  г.

Ever since its original publication in Germany in 1938, Max Schweidler's Die Instandetzung von Kupferstichen, Zeichnungen, Buchern usw has been recognized as a seminal modern text on the conservation and restoration of works on paper. To address what he saw as a woeful dearth of relevant literature and in order to assist those who have 'set themselves the goal of preserving cultural treasures, ' t... дальше >>

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