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Anne Golaz - METSÄSTÄ 1. Rastenberger Anna-Kaisa : Anne Golaz - METSÄSTÄ  , 2013  г.

"Metsästä (From The Woods) is a simply but beautifully executed package for a fairytale-like body of work by Finnish-educated, Swiss photographer Anne Golaz. The work lures the viewer into a world that vacillates between the everyday and the extraordinary and tilts towards the primeval. This classic subject - the bloodlust of the hunt and the traditional tensions between humankind and na... дальше >>
Hijacked 3: Australia and UK 2. Verlag : Hijacked 3: Australia and UK  , 2013  г.

Take a trip into the fantastic and foreboding worlds of 32 artists from opposite sides of the globe. From oblique takes on portraiture and collage to snapshots of society at its best and worst, these far reaching photographic practices question what time means to look, catch or construct images for the 21st century. A fleeting glimpse into the life and times of both countries and beyond, Hijacked ... дальше >>

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