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Curated. A new Experience in Retail Design 1. Curated. A new Experience in Retail Design  , 2013  г.

Retail merchandising is not just about garments hanging on a rail in isolation or displaying items on shelves. Leading fashion retailers and luxury lifestyle stores now rely heavily on conceptual interior and space design to reflect the whole image and philosophy of their label or brand, not just to showcase their collections. The connection between store space and product is organic one defines a... дальше >>
Future Fashion 2. Future Fashion  , 2013  г.

The fusion between fashion, technology and design is more dynamic than ever before and this collaboration has generated the rapid development of original materials and alternative fabrics. Inspired by the growing trend for eco-fashion, wearable technology and 'smart clothing', designers are experimenting with new ideas and approaches to fabrications that will take their collections to the next lev... дальше >>
In Effect: Groundbreaking Finishes and Materials in Graphic Design 3. In Effect: Groundbreaking Finishes and Materials in Graphic Design  , 2012  г.

In Effect offers an unparallel selection of groundbreaking uses of materials, processes, and finishes in graphic design and packaging from an international selection of the most creative practitioners in the industry. From laser cutting, binding, and folding to letterpress, ink, embossing, and lamination, this cutting-edge work explores fresh approaches and new ways of thinking for designers worki... дальше >>
Patternmaking in Practice 4. Patternmaking in Practice  , 2011  г.

A definitive guide to patternmaking, this accessible book explains the techniques in clear, simple steps, providing the essential know-how for anyone making their first foray into clothes making and fashion design. Using four basic garments (skirts, dresses, jackets and coats), this volume explores contemporary pattern making in detail and explains how to draw, cut and mount patterns. "Patternmaki... дальше >>
Taste It! 5. Taste It!  , 2013  г.

This title offers the real ultimate trends with beautiful fully-colour photographs throughout. This book provides a wide selection of places where eating is not the only sensation a customer will enjoy; gourmet restaurants but also smaller lunch time eating spots, canteens or cafes. It includes the work of the industry's most exciting innovative architects and designers; stresses the point of crea... дальше >>
Tattoo Magic 6. Tattoo Magic  , 2013  г.

Since the dawn of time, people have painted and embellished their skin in a variety of forms, techniques and styles. Today the centuries old art of tattooing has developed into an exciting, creative and powerful mode of self-expression. Not just a skin-deep body decoration, tattoos have become very much a part of popular sub-culture, infiltrating the worlds of fashion, art, music and television. '... дальше >>
The Graffiti Wall 7. The Graffiti Wall  , 2013  г.

Graffiti goes global in this extraordinary visual document, celebrating this universal art form and phenomenon which today has become an intrinsic part of popular and urban culture. This outstanding compilation presents the best and most original projects in the field, showcasing the exceptional artwork of an international selection of artists. From innovative masterpieces and drawings to more per... дальше >>
Imprint: Innovative Book and Promo Design 8. Shaoqiang Wang : Imprint: Innovative Book and Promo Design  , 2012  г.

This book focuses on the creative design aspects of books, print and paper. The book explorest the essential formats, dimensions, techniques and elements that can enhance both the aesthetic appearance and visual impact of innovtive editorial design for books, catalouges, mailings, posters for promotional material etc. A great practical reference book for graphic designers and editors, presenting s... дальше >>
Page Unlimited 2 9. Shaoqiang Wang : Page Unlimited 2  , 2013  г.

Embracing the computer arts and new printing techniques, layout design becomes more interesting and inspiring than ever before. Page Unlimited 2 showcases the latest trends in the field with a special focus on magazines and posters where designers have more creative freedom and face bigger challenges.... дальше >>

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