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AAD Rome 1. Buscher Elke : AAD Rome  , 2011  г.

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Paris 2. James Russell : Paris  , 2011  г.

Replacing the successful Cool Restaurants, Cool Shops, Cool Spots, and Architecture and Design series, teNeues presents the Cool Guides…Featuring the hippest, best designed and most fashionable spots, Cool Guides will feature places to shop, eat, dine, as well as see and be seen! As much for locals as for visitors, each volume will showcase approximately 40 locations with two double photographic s... дальше >>
Отели на морском побережьи (на английском языке) 3. Kunz Martin Nicholas : Отели на морском побережьи (на английском языке)  , 2011  г.

Distinguished by masterly architecture and exemplary interior design, the beach hotels introduced in the pages of this lavishly illustrated coffee-table book are the ultimate refuge for those needing respite from their hectic lives and every-day routines. Whether well-established names or hidden gems, the reader is presented with a visual tour of ocean side resorts that range across continents and... дальше >>
Blossom Buddies 4. Mora Elsa : Blossom Buddies  , 2011  г.

Blossom Buddies are the endearing creations of illustrator Elsa Mora. She carefully reconfigures plants to create a universe of unique characters. Inspired by time spent with her young autistic son, Mora’s one-of-a-kind characters combine vivid imagination with a careful appreciation of nature’s forms. These floral personalities will draw you into their world of wonder and whimsy.... дальше >>
AAD Art Architecture Design. City Guide London 5. Olbrich Susanne : AAD Art Architecture Design. City Guide London  , 2011  г.

The ultimate selection of museums, galleries and architectural icons, as well as stylish hotels, restaurants and shop. Features insider tips, practical travel information and map of must-see locations.... дальше >>
You Should Have Been With Me 6. Shaffer Stan : You Should Have Been With Me  , 2010  г.

In this photographic scrapbook, fashion photographer Stan Shaffer share his extraordinary life at the nexus of art, fashion and cinema. On this incredible journey we traipse through the hottest NYC parties where everyone is somebody and they're all dressed to kill! Over his career as icon maker, Shaffer has hung out with everyone from Andy Warhol to Jerry Hall, Carla Bruni to Uma Thurman. With his... дальше >>
Cool Hotels Beach Resorts 7. Smith John : Cool Hotels Beach Resorts  , 2011  г.

From the pounding surf to the salty tang in the air, there's something magical about the beach. As a followup to the successful Designpocket Beach Hotels, this breakthrough volume chronicles the most excellent accommodations located near enchanting beaches. With pareddown design and hip details, these cutting-edge getaways combine the allure of the ocean with a design sensibility sure to appeal to... дальше >>
Sock Monkeys 8. Svenson Arne : Sock Monkeys  , 2011  г.

Made of stuffed socks and everyday materials often the cast off threads, buttons and bows from a sewing project each sock monkey springs from its maker's imagination. From Ron Warren's massive collection of over 2,000 of these playful creatures, Arne Svenson's photographs have captured the distinct personalities in each of these colorful, lovable, button-eyed, grinning faces. Whether wistful or ch... дальше >>
Пэт Йорк: слава и рама (на английском языке) 9. York Pat : Пэт Йорк: слава и рама (на английском языке)  , 2011  г.

This insightful volume provides an overview of the work of fine art photographer Pat York. Although aesthetically pleasing, her work surpasses the conventionally attractive. Her pragmatic and probing glance sweeps away surface preening and professional poses, revealing the humanity that binds us all. From her early career as a journalist at Vogue and a photographic and travel editor at Glamour, Yo... дальше >>

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