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Edvard Munch Prints 1. Black Peter : Edvard Munch Prints  , 2011  г.

Munch was Norway's greatest artist and one of the founders of the Expressionist movement. He first made a name for himself as a painter, and though he started making prints only after the sensation of his 1892 Berlin exhibition, his graphic work was itself an important influence on twentieth-century art. Munch was inspired by the cycles of etchings by the German artist Max Klinger to create graphi... дальше >>
Michelangelo: Sculptor 2. Hodson Rupert : Michelangelo: Sculptor  , 2010  г.

Michelangelo - scuptor, architect, painter, poet and artist par excellence - was seen by his contemporaries as embodying the zenith of all artistic achievement. The book sets out to bring his genius closer and to make it more understandable. Here one can see details of his work in full-page pictures, many of which have been produced especially for the book. Michelangelo was the greatest sculptor w... дальше >>
Croatia in the Early Middle Ages: A Cultural Survey 3. Supicic Ivan : Croatia in the Early Middle Ages: A Cultural Survey  , 2010  г.

This volume presents 30 highly illustrated essays charting a cultural survey of Croatia from the 7th to the end of the 12th century. Richly illustrated with colour plates, maps, plans, and diagrams, it provides a major new resource for all those seeking to gain a broad understanding of the medieval world in central Europe and the Adriatic region before the Ottoman invasions. Since the mid-nineties... дальше >>
Carl Laubin: Painting 4. Watkin David : Carl Laubin: Painting  , 2010  г.

The complete works of distinguished artist and architectural illustrator Carl Laubin are brought together here for the first time in one accessible volume. From his earliest incorporation of whimsical ideas in his paintings, to the more elaborate and complex recent architectural compositions based on the buildings of Hawksmoor, Cockerell, and Ledoux, this volume incorporates the range of Laubin's ... дальше >>

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