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Design Behind Desire 1. Design Behind Desire  , 2011  г.

Aesthetic sensibility gives the most intimate desires, and fantasies on the subject are collected in the book. Frankly erotic, sometimes surreal, but equally sexual its basis in the studies are designed to nurture the creative imagination.... дальше >>
Objects Of Desire 2. Objects Of Desire  , 2011  г.

Objects of Desire showcases the ultimate artisanal, speciality and bespoke objects that elicit desire and those strong emotions that one would never expect an inanimate object to produce. Culled from around the globe, the selection of these luxurious objects might sometimes be surprising, but most always the ones that are lusted after and adored for their unique design and painstaking craftsmanshi... дальше >>
Skull Style: Neon Camouflage 3. Farameh Patrice : Skull Style: Neon Camouflage  , 2011  г.

SKULL STYLE is a beautifully designed book presents not only one of the most ancient symbols used in the history of mankind but how it is utilized in the most surprising and modern way today. Formerly an emblem of evil and mortality, the skull has been transformed into an avant-garde design element used in the most cutting-edge art, chic interiors and vanguard style of the moment. Whether embellis... дальше >>

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