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Clegg & Guttmann: Modalities of Portraiture 1. Bezzola Tobia : Clegg & Guttmann: Modalities of Portraiture  , 2013  г.

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Liam Gillick - Proxemics. Selected Writings (1988-2004) 2. Bovier Lionel : Liam Gillick - Proxemics. Selected Writings (1988-2004)  , 2011  г.

No less versatile in his writing than in his installations, films, architecture, and sculpture, Liam Gillick unites his critical essays in this collection, most of which were originally printed in art magazines or exhibition catalogues. Lauded for his ingenious reinterpretation of Conceptual and Minimalist art, Liam Gillick has often used language, whether in type on a wall or on a page, as a site... дальше >>
Alfredo Jaar. The Politics of Images 3. Didi-Huberman Georges : Alfredo Jaar. The Politics of Images  , 2011  г.

Spanning from the 1970s until today, this compelling new monograph traces the development of the respected Chilean-born, New York-based conceptualist - from his earliest public interventions to his latest installations. Some of the highly political subjects range from the plight of Amazonian gold miners to the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, and there are several previously unpublished works that the art... дальше >>
Scott King: Art Works 4. Savage Jon : Scott King: Art Works  , 2011  г.

Scott King moves fluidly back and forth between art and design. As Art Director of i-D and Creative Director of Sleazenation magazines (for which he was awarded Best Cover and Best Designed Feature of the Year prizes), King's design work is already well-known around the world. As an artist, King plays fast and loose with twentieth-century icons: in Brian, for example, a viewer recognizes at a glan... дальше >>

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