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The House in Norham Gardens 1. Lively Penelope : The House in Norham Gardens  , 2004  г.

Clare lives with her ancient great-aunts in a rambling old house that has been the family home for generations. One day, Clare discovers an ancient wood carving in the attic. Soon, she begins to dream about the tribe it originally belonged to.... дальше >>
Tennis Shoes 2. Streatfeild Noel : Tennis Shoes  , 2001  г.

Tennis became important in the Heath Family's life early on - the twins were only nine, and the others younger when they started to play. But their grandfather and father before them had been top players - the four red-headed children had tennis in their blood. They join the competitive tournament circuit and battle hard to win! An absorbing story from an enormously popular children's author - and... дальше >>
Theatre Shoes 3. Streatfeild Noel : Theatre Shoes  , 2009  г.

Plucked from their old home in Guernsey and sent all the way to London, the three Forbes children find themselves thrown into the exciting yet frightening world of the theatre. Their mother has come from a long line of great actord and Sorrel, Holly and Mark are expected to carry on the family tradition.... дальше >>

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