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Audio CD. Advanced Songs 1. Audio CD. Advanced Songs 

This work includes songs to support the learning of some of the spelling patterns covered in the Advanced Teacher's Guide. The lyrics are provided in a booklet - these can be enlarged to make excellent shared reading texts. Children may also enjoy acting out what is happening in the songs.... дальше >>
CD-ROM. ABC Adventures 2. CD-ROM. ABC Adventures 

There's soon to be a party for everyone in Letterland but first you have find them all to invite them! Clues will help you to find all the characters hidden in the Letterland scenes. When you find a character, you get to play a special game as a reward. There are also songs with actions for each character so you can and sing and dance along. This great new software from Letterland is specially des... дальше >>
DVD. A Christmas Story 3. DVD. A Christmas Story 

... дальше >>
DVD. Detective Dippy Duck 4. DVD. Detective Dippy Duck 

This delightfully letterland "Who Done it" has all the classic Letterland alphabet characters in search of clues. Children will experience exciting adventure with real educational value as they join Dippy Duck and friends in their detective work.... дальше >>
Far Beyond ABC (+ Audio CD) 5. Far Beyond ABC (+ Audio CD)  , 2012  г.

... дальше >>
My ABC of Actions: An A-Z of Rhymes & Letter Actions 6. Edwards Sarah : My ABC of Actions: An A-Z of Rhymes & Letter Actions  , 2011  г.

This beautifully illustrated board book combines fun rhymes with letter sounds and actions. Through repetition and rhyme toddlers will be developing vocabulary and learning the a-z sounds. The fun actions linked to Letterland characters encourage a multi-sensory approach to learning.... дальше >>
My ABC of Animals: An A-Z of Animals to Find 7. Edwards Sarah : My ABC of Animals: An A-Z of Animals to Find  , 2011  г.

Perfect for little hands, this beautifully illustrated board book takes you on an alphabetical safari! With lots of animals to spot on every page, your little one will be developing vocabulary and learning the a-z letter shapes and sounds at the same time.... дальше >>
Things to Make & Do 8. Edwards Sarah : Things to Make & Do  , 2013  г.

The 26 simple activities teach basic craft skills, introduce children to new vocabulary and teach them the alphabet - the Letterland way. From Annie Apple's Animal Adventure to Zig Zag Zebra's Zany Zooms, this alphabet of activities will provide your child with hours of crafty fun and early literacy skills development.... дальше >>
ELT Handwriting Book 9. Freese Gudrun : ELT Handwriting Book  , 2004  г.

This work describes progress from tracing to independent writing using this well proven unique pictogram approach to letter formation. Each 2-page lesson covers: lowercase and uppercase letter and numbers.... дальше >>
ELT Student Book 10. Freese Gudrun : ELT Student Book  , 2004  г.

This book contains 80 bright pages which invite interactivity, with accompanying CD. Letter sounds and topic-based vocabulary are covered in each 4-page lesson. Lively games, activities and more songs are included and carefully structured with built-in revision.... дальше >>

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