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Limoncello and Linen Water 1. Kiros Tessa : Limoncello and Linen Water  , 2013  г.

In Limoncello and Linenwater, much-loved author Tessa Kiros celebrates the heritage of Italy, the country she has chosen to call home. This whimsically feminine book is a tribute to the women in our lives - mothers, mothers-in-law, grandmothers - and the important lessons we learn from them. With accessible, delicious recipes ranging from robust family dishes to quirky cakes and old-fashioned sauc... дальше >>
Venezia 2. Kiros Tessa : Venezia  , 2013  г.

Food is a quilt that is patch worked together by people's language, traditions and way of living. In Venezia, Tessa Kiros shows the magic and the charm of the famous Italian city of Venice. She embroiders the recipes of this city of canals, bridges and carnivals with her own unique colors and threads. Tessa's previous books, Twelve, Falling Cloudberries, Apples for Jam and Piri Starfish: Portugal ... дальше >>
Secrets of Eclairs 3. Moreno Marianne Magnier : Secrets of Eclairs  , 2013  г.

This book helps you discover how easy it can be making your own eclairs at home with this complete guide to choux pastry, Secrets of Eclairs. This beautiful collection has everything you need to know for a well-risen puff, assorted fillings and the secret to making the glossiest icing. You can learn the ropes with the classics - coffee and chocolate eclairs - then throw yourself into eclairs with ... дальше >>
Pasta Artigiana 4. Zoccali Nino : Pasta Artigiana  , 2013  г.

Pasta Artigiana has a recipe for any occasion, from simple and rustic to elegant and refined. Second generation Italian chef, Nino Zoccali shares a lifetime of delectable pasta recipes from hearty soups to indulgent filled pasta (tortellini, ravioli) and even pasta-based desserts. With more than 80 authentic recipes and a range of basic pasta doughs, sugos and sauces, Pasta Artigiana is as practic... дальше >>

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