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The Man Who Walked through Walls 1. The Man Who Walked through Walls  , 2013  г.

A collection of funny and fantastical short stories, Marcel Aymé's The Man Who Walked through Walls (Le Passe-muraille), is a classic of French literature, loved by children and adults alike. Monsieur Dutilleul has always been able to walk through walls but has never bothered using his gift, given the general availability of doors. One day, however, his bullying boss drives him to desperate m... дальше >>
The Spectre of Alexander Wolf 2. Gazdanov : The Spectre of Alexander Wolf  , 2013  г.

Gaito Gazdanov, the son of a forester, joined Baron Wrangel's White Army aged just sixteen and fought in the Russian Civil War. Exiled in Paris from 1920 onwards, he took on what jobs he could and during periods of unemployment slept on park benches or in the Métro. A job driving taxis at night eventually allowed him to attend lectures at the Sorbonne and write during the day; he soon became ... дальше >>
The Break 3. Grossi Pietro : The Break  , 2013  г.

Dino is a placid, unambitious man. Living in a small provincial town, his only passion is billiards - he spends his evenings in the local billiards parlor honing his technique. One day, however, his quiet life is interrupted - his wife falls pregnant. This sparks a series of events that shake Dino from his slumber, challenging him for the first time. Born in Florence in 1978, Pietro Grossi lives b... дальше >>
The Allure of Chanel 4. Morand Paul : The Allure of Chanel  , 2013  г.

Coco Chanel invited Paul Morand to visit her in St Moritz at the end of the Second World War when he was given the opportunity to write her memoirs; his notes of their conversations were put away in a drawer and only came to light one year after Chanel's death. Through Morand's transcription of their conversations, Chanel tells us about her friendship with Misia Sert, the men in her life - Boy Cap... дальше >>
The Allure of Chanel 5. Morand Paul : The Allure of Chanel  , 2013  г.

Paul Morand's last book, one of the most appealing of his oeuvre, brings together around the figure of Chanel, portraits of Misia Sert, Erik Satie, Serge Lifar, Georges Auric, Raymond Radiguet, Jean Cocteau, Picasso and Churchill, among others. Based on a series of intimate conversations between Morand and Coco Chanel, written in the great storyteller's marvellous prose, this book artfully sketche... дальше >>
Popular Hits of the Showa Era 6. Murakami : Popular Hits of the Showa Era  , 2013  г.

Born in 1952 in Nagasaki prefecture, Ryu Murakami is the enfant terrible of contemporary Japanese literature. Awarded the prestigious Akutagawa Prize in 1976 for his first book, a novel about a group of young people drowned in sex and drugs, he has gone on to explore with cinematic intensity the themes of violence and technology in contemporary Japanese society. His novels include Coin Locker Babi... дальше >>
Sixty-Nine 7. Murakami : Sixty-Nine  , 2013  г.

In a small, inconsequential city in Japan, all that matters to 17-year-old Kensuke Yazaki and his friends is girls, rock music and, to a much lesser extent, school. Told at high speed and with irresistible humour by Kensuke himself, this is the story of their 1969, as they engage in heated conversations about Marxism, Rimbaud, Godard, the Beatles and the Stones, set up a barricade in their school,... дальше >>
Laura, Journey into the Crystal 8. Sand George : Laura, Journey into the Crystal  , 2013  г.

While working for his uncle, Alexis Hartz is introduced to Laura who shares his scientific interests, and in particular his fascination for crystals. To his amazement Laura has discovered a way to enter this alluring world and together they travel the vast and glittering landscape. But it cannot last forever.... дальше >>
Beware of Pity 9. Zweig : Beware of Pity  , 2013  г.

Stefan's Zweig' Beware of Pity (Ungeduld des Herzens) is an almost unbearably tense and powerful tale of unrequited love and the danger of pity. The famous novel is published by Pushkin Press, with a cover designed by David Pearson and Clare Skeats, as part of a new series of Zweig paperbacks. Translated by the award-winning Anthea Bell. In 1913 a young second lieutenant discovers the terrible dan... дальше >>
Fear 10. Zweig : Fear  , 2013  г.

A bourgeois housewife's affair is discovered, and a blackmailer turns her comfortable life into a nightmare of apprehension. Finding her comfortable bourgeois existence as wife and mother tedious after eight years of marriage, Irene Wagner brings a little excitement into it by starting an affair with a rising young pianist. Her lover's former mistress begins blackmailing her, threatening to give h... дальше >>

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