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Philippe Parreno/Hans Ulrich Obrist 1. Philippe Parreno/Hans Ulrich Obrist  , 2009  г.

The French filmmaker and artist Philippe Parreno born in Algeria, has been working and collaborating with curator/thinker/editor Hans Ulrich Obrist for many years; over many projects they have taken huge risks and broken countless conventions together. The conversations gathered here give us a window into a dynamic and forward thinking aesthetic relationship.... дальше >>
Boris Mikhailov: Tea Coffee Cappuccino 2. Mikhailov Boris : Boris Mikhailov: Tea Coffee Cappuccino  , 2011  г.

For the acclaimed photographer Boris Mikhailov (born 1938), a society's most significant paradigm shifts are often most clearly perceived in the smallest of everyday transactions. For example, in a caf xE9; or restaurant in the Soviet-era Ukraine, a waiter would have offered you tea or coffee? Today, two decades after the fall of the Soviet bloc and the ascent of western capitalism, it's tea, coff... дальше >>

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