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150 Best Loft Ideas 1. 150 Best Loft Ideas  , 2008  г.

"150 Best Loft Ideas" offers a glimpse into innovative modern living spaces that reflect the changing views on designing, building, and living in a contemporary home. Featuring diverse styles and different trends, "150 Best Loft Ideas" provides an inspirational source of ideas for those active in the field of design or interested in contemporary residential architecture.... дальше >>
2009 Collins. Road Atlas. Europe 2. 2009 Collins. Road Atlas. Europe  , 2009  г.

A4 format Scale 1:1 000 000 (1 cm to 10 kms/1 inch to 16 miles). A fully revised edition of A4 spiral road atlas containing road mapping, route planning maps, large scale road maps of the Ruhr and Rhine, city through route maps, city centre plans and a comprehensive place names index. NEW FOR THE 2009 EDITION: - Extra 24 city through-route maps. - 16 new city centre street plans. AREA OF COVERAGE ... дальше >>
2010 Collins Handy Road Atlas Europe 3. 2010 Collins Handy Road Atlas Europe  , 2009  г.

Scale: 1:2,000,000 Handy road atlas of Europe at A5 format with lie-flat spiral binding. Ideal format for both drivers and those travelling by public transport. Scenic routes are plotted on the maps. MAIN FEATURES Handy A5 format road atlas of Europe at 34 miles to 1 inch. Euroroutes and motorways are easily distinguished on the mapping. The maps also show international road classifications, road ... дальше >>
2010 Collins. Big Road Atlas. Britain 4. 2010 Collins. Big Road Atlas. Britain  , 2009  г.

The ultimate 3.2 miles to 1 inch scale large format road atlas for the year 2010, featuring Collins popular and well established road mapping; designed for exceptional clarity and ease of use. Includes a wide range of urban area maps at even larger scale plus 56 detailed town centre street plans. Presented with lie-flat spiral binding. Printed on paper sourced from a sustainable forest this fully ... дальше >>
2014 Collins Britain & Ireland Handy Road Atlas 5. 2014 Collins Britain & Ireland Handy Road Atlas  , 2013  г.

Fully updated for 2014, a collection of extremely clear, route-planning maps of Britain and Ireland that fits neatly into the glovebox, pocket, or bagю This handy road atlas makes for the ideal traveling companion. The maps of Britain are at 9.9 miles to 1 inch and the whole of Ireland is covered at 15.8 miles to 1 inch. There is a selection of more detailed urban-area maps at a 4.5 miles to 1 inc... дальше >>
A Dance With Dragons: Part 2 6. A Dance With Dragons: Part 2  , 2014  г.

A DANCE WITH DRAGONS: AFTER THE FEAST is the SECOND part of the fifth volume in the series. The future of the Seven Kingdoms hangs in the balance. In King’s Landing the Queen Regent, Cersei Lannister, awaits trial, abandoned by all those she trusted; while in the eastern city of Yunkai her brother Tyrion has been sold as a slave. From the Wall, having left his wife and the Red Priestess Melisandre... дальше >>
Academic Skills Series: Group Work 7. Academic Skills Series: Group Work 

Through practical exercises and real-life case studies students will learn from this guide how to form effective groups, assign roles, establish rules, and deal with difficult group situations. It also includes information on academic expectations, so students understand the requirements of studying at a university; helpful tips and summaries; an answer key; and a glossary.... дальше >>
Audio CD. Brokeback Mountain 8. Audio CD. Brokeback Mountain 

... дальше >>
Audio CD. Distant Echo (количество CD дисков: 5) 9. Audio CD. Distant Echo (количество CD дисков: 5) 

... дальше >>
Audio CD. Empire of the Sun 10. Audio CD. Empire of the Sun 

The heartrending story of British boy Jim's four year ordeal in a Japanese prison camp during the second world war. Filmed by Steven Spielberg. Now available for the first time on CD. Based on J. G. Ballard's own childhood, this is the extraordinary account of a boy's life in Japanese-occupied wartime Shanghai - a mesmerising, hypnotically compelling novel of war, of starvation and survival, of in... дальше >>

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