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Bars! Architectural Hightech Bars & Clubs: 1. Bars! Architectural Hightech Bars & Clubs:  , 2012  г.

BARS! Architectural Hightech Bars & Clubs presents a hand-picked selection of the best, most fashionable bars and nightclubs around the world, a taste of the creations from today's high-flying designers and a talented up-and-coming breed, all internationally renowned for the quality and impact of their designs. More than twelve exciting new projects, magnetic, electrifying and totally theatrical, ... дальше >>
City Lofts 2. City Lofts  , 2007  г.

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European Illustrators 3. European Illustrators  , 2011  г.

This is a lavishly illustrated celebration of world's most innovative and exciting illustrators. This superbly illustrated series brings together the best work from some of the world's finest illustrators. Each portfolio includes an interview in which they discuss their careers, their inspirations, and their passions, as well as full contact details and a selection of their favourite work.... дальше >>
Remodelling City Apartments 4. Remodelling City Apartments  , 2007  г.

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Small Office Home Office (English & Spanish) 5. Small Office Home Office (English & Spanish)  , 2008  г.

The idea of what we traditionally perceive to be the work place is changing. As more and more people elect either to work from home or star home-based businesses (out of choice or necessity), the need for dedicated workspace in or near the home will increase exponentially. This 'aspirational' volume is a visual and narrative stimulus to what can be done with both the home office and the small offi... дальше >>
Small Squares 6. Small Squares  , 2008  г.

This volume presents excellent urban squares from around the world. These projects stand out not only for being welcoming towards their users, but also for correctly interpreting the idiosyncrasies and characteristics of the surrounding community, thus attendinf to its needs and preferences and facilitating coexistence and intergration.... дальше >>
Sustainable Urban Landscapes (English & Spanish) 7. Sustainable Urban Landscapes (English & Spanish)  , 2008  г.

The organization of public space raises many challenges, and it is one of the fields of architecture most open to debate and controversy. Urban spaces must not only balance betweeen solid and void in the urban fabric, but they must also be highly functional. This book provides a sample of works that, through originality. ingenuity and creativity, have found a method of sustainable design.... дальше >>
Eco Packaging Design 8. Abellan Mguel : Eco Packaging Design  , 2012  г.

Packaging products are designed to last as long as possible before recycling, where the vital process starts all over again. The importance of recyclable packaging is clearly recognised by all market sectors; either because the product itself is natural and eco-friendly or manufacturers wish to draw attention to the essence of the product, demonstrating commitment to environmental protection throu... дальше >>
Making the Most Out of Space 9. Antonio Corcuera Aranguiz : Making the Most Out of Space  , 2007  г.

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City Appartments 10. Aranquiz Antonio : City Appartments  , 2006  г.

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