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Nelson Thornes Framework English Access Skills in Non-Fiction 3 1. Nelson Thornes Framework English Access Skills in Non-Fiction 3  , 2005  г.

"Access Skills in Fiction and Non-Fiction" offers the rigour and support necessary to raise the attainment of pupils struggling at Level 4, or at Level 3. It is also suitable for Level C-D in Scotland. "Twin Students Books" offering students all the support necessary to access top quality fiction and non-fiction texts, transform their own writing. It follows a clear and predictable structure to im... дальше >>
Essential Mapwork Skills 2. Simon Ross : Essential Mapwork Skills  , 2007  г.

Essential Mapwork Skills 2 will provide 30 brand new case studies, offering global coverage of key themes, issues and topical events. The case studies and activities develop students' key geographical skills - specifically map and photo interpretation skills and the analysis, interpretation and presentation of data.... дальше >>
Developing Skills. Yellow Level 3. Warwick Anita : Developing Skills. Yellow Level  , 2003  г.

The Developing Skills Books provide the structured progression throughout the course. Each double page spread opens with a Focus in which the main point of the lesson is clearly stated; this is then followed by Extra and Extension activities of increasing difficulty. Throughout the books pupils are encouraged to think about the writing process and assess their own work.... дальше >>
Biology for Cambridge IGCSE 4. Williams Gareth : Biology for Cambridge IGCSE  , 2009  г.

Biology for IGCSE is endorsed by CIE and completely matches specification 0610. It is written in a clear and direct manner by a team of experienced authors and CIE examiners, making it ideal for international school students. It takes an exam focus and features include exam-style questions, activities, case studies, key points & did you know?... дальше >>

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