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Audio CD. Property (количество CD дисков: 3) 1. Audio CD. Property (количество CD дисков: 3) 

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Audio CD. Stalin (количество CD дисков: 8) 2. Audio CD. Stalin (количество CD дисков: 8) 

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Audio CD. Young Stalin (количество CD дисков: 5) 3. Audio CD. Young Stalin (количество CD дисков: 5) 

Young Stalin” is a remarkable adventure story about an exceptional, turbulent young man, born in exoticism, raised in the church, fancying himself a poet, then embracing revolutionary idealism and thereby finding his romantic Messianic mission in life. All the trails of Stalin the Great Dictator are founded in these times - not merely his psychology, but his hatreds, his loves, his intellectual in... дальше >>
CD-ROM. Sepulchre (MP3 CD) 4. CD-ROM. Sepulchre (MP3 CD) 

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London: A Short History 5. A.N. Wilson : London: A Short History  , 2005  г.

The structure of the book is chronological, with digressions. From Roman and then Norman London, we move on to Chaucer's London - the city of the Peasants Revolt, Dick Whittington and the great Livery Companies. In Tudor and Stuart London many believed the city was being wrecked by over-population, over-building and the greed of speculators. Eighteenth-century London witnessed the South Sea Bubble... дальше >>
Broken Homes 6. Aaronovitch Ben : Broken Homes  , 2014  г.

Ben Aaronovitch has stormed the bestseller list with his superb London crime series. A unique blend of police procedural, loving detail about the greatest character of all, London, and a dash of the supernatural. A mutilated body in Crawley. Another killer on the loose. The prime suspect is one Robert Weil; an associate of the twisted magician known as the Faceless Man? Or just a common or garden ... дальше >>
Whispers Under Ground 7. Aaronovitch Ben : Whispers Under Ground  , 2012  г.

Doctor Who Screenwriter Ben Aaronovitch's superbly entertaining supernatural crime series has, with its witty one-liners and wonderfully erudite take on London, won a legion of fans in double quick time. Peter Grant is learning magic fast. And its just as well - he's already had run ins with the deadly supernatural children of the Thames and a terrifying killer in Soho. Progression in the Police F... дальше >>
Before They are Hanged 8. Abercrombie Joe : Before They are Hanged  , 2010  г.

Bitter and merciless war is coming to the frozen north. It's bloody and dangerous and the Union army, split by politics and hamstrung by incompetence, is utterly unprepared for the slaughter that's coming. Lacking experience, training, and in some cases even weapons the army is scarcely equipped to repel Bethod's scouts, let alone the cream of his forces. In the heat-ravaged south the Gurkish are ... дальше >>
Best Served Cold 9. Abercrombie Joe : Best Served Cold  , 2013  г.

Springtime in Styria. And that means war. There have been nineteen years of blood. The ruthless Grand Duke Orso is locked in a vicious struggle with the squabbling League of Eight, and between them they have bled the land white. While armies march, heads roll and cities burn, behind the scenes bankers, priests and older, darker powers play a deadly game to choose who will be king. War may be hell ... дальше >>
Best Served Cold 10. Abercrombie Joe : Best Served Cold  , 2010  г.

Mercenaries are a wonderful thing: they fight as you tell them, whom you tell them, and when you tell them, for nothing more precious or complicated than money. And Monzcarro Mercatto, and her brother (and lover) Benna Mercatto, are the two most successful, most popular, and most wealthy mercenaries in Styria... but wealthy, popular mercenaries are not such a good thing. In fact they're a downrigh... дальше >>

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