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Management: An Introduction with MyLab Access Card 1. Boddy David : Management: An Introduction with MyLab Access Card  , 2010  г.

A comprehensive and readable introduction to the themes and functions of management, within the clear process framework of planning, organising, leading and controlling. The 5th edition of this well-respected text has been revised and updated to incorporate the latest research and most recent and relevant examples and illustrations. Three integrating themes' run throughout the book, guiding the re... дальше >>
Inorganic Chemistry 2. Catherine E. Housecroft : Inorganic Chemistry  , 2007  г.

A market leading textbook offering a fresh and engaging approach to the teaching of modern inorganic chemistry while giving a clear, well-balanced introduction to the key principles of the subject. The full-colour text design with three dimensional illustrations brings the subject to life. Throughout the book students are able to reinforce their learning with the use of worked examples and self-st... дальше >>
Accounting for Non-Accounting Students 3. Dyson John R. : Accounting for Non-Accounting Students  , 2010  г.

Accounting for Non-Accounting Students is a highly reputed text for is accessibility and clarity. The book combines user-friendly language and real world examples making it ideal for students with little or no prior knowledge of Financial or Management accounting. The text covers the essentials of book-keeping and the rules of accounting in a non-technical style and teaches students the right ques... дальше >>
Frank Wood's Business Accounting 4. Frank Wood : Frank Wood's Business Accounting  , 2008  г.

Business Accounting Volume 1 is the world's best-selling textbook on bookkeeping and accounting. Now in its eleventh edition, it has become the standard introductory text for accounting students and professionals alike. Business Accounting Volume 1 is used on a wide variety of courses in accounting and business, both at secondary and tertiary level and for those studying for professional qualifica... дальше >>
Organizational Change 5. Jocelyne Fleming : Organizational Change  , 2005  г.

This successful text provides a discussion of change in relation to the complexities of organizational life with an emphasis on applying the theory into practice. The book is structured in three parts. The first part considers the causes and nature of change. Part two opens up' the organization to expand on issues of structuring for change, the cultural and political contexts for change and how to... дальше >>
Essentials of Accounting and Post Test Booklet 8 6. Robert N. Anthony : Essentials of Accounting and Post Test Booklet 8  , 2002  г.

For courses in Introductory Accounting, this text presents the ideas and terminology essential to an understanding of balance sheets, income statements, and statements of cash flows. Every frame requires students to solve a problem involving accounting information.... дальше >>
Essentials of Global Marketing 7. Svend Hollensen : Essentials of Global Marketing  , 2008  г.

Essentials of Global Marketing' has a clear structure, with a starting point in the SMEs and the five main decisions that SMEs (and larger firms) face in connection with the internationalization process: Part 1: The decision whether to internationalize Part 2: Deciding which markets to enter Part 3: Developing the market entry strategies Part 4: Designing the global marketing programmes Part 5: Im... дальше >>

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