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Sci-fi: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Digital Painting Techniques 1. Sci-fi: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Digital Painting Techniques  , 2012  г.

Following the success of Fantasy Workshop, Fantasy Creatures and Manga, the ImagineFX team have turned their expertise to Sci-Fi art for digital artists who want to progress to the next level. With reference to creative painting programs (including Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel Painter), the book explains, with the help of step-by-step instructions, Q&A's, screen grabs, how to progress from bas... дальше >>
Michael Foreman's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz 2. Baum L.Frank : Michael Foreman's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz  , 2010  г.

This is a beautifully illustrated collectable edition of the classic children's story. It is illustrated by one of today's best-loved children's illustrators. It is a perfect addition to any child's home library. When Dorothy and Toto are suddenly swept off the plains of Kansas by a huge cyclone to the land of Oz, they meet up with some of the most endearing characters ever created - the Scarecrow... дальше >>
London 3. Burstein Diane : London  , 2009  г.

London, the capital and heart of Britain, is an exciting and constantly developing city. London Then and Now explores London's landscape, past and present, through the eye of the camera. Some 70 historic photographs of London's past are paired with specially commissioned contemporary views taken from the same vantage point. In spite of wartime damage and postwar planning, so many of the buildings ... дальше >>
Love London 4. Chandler Barbara : Love London  , 2011  г.

London has over 15 million visitors a year and Love London is an ideal tourist souvenir. This fabulous collection of more than 200 stunning black and white and colour photographs of London cover photos of London street scenes, the river, cafe life, famous monuments and interesting characters. Each photograph has a fascinating quote about London from the great and the good - and the not so good! Th... дальше >>
Tattooed by the Family Business 5. Coppoletta Mo : Tattooed by the Family Business  , 2010  г.

This is a tattoo book like no other. Filled with fantastic photography and beautifully designed Tattooed focuses on the work of Mo Coppoletta and The Family Business, based in London's Exmouth Market. Taking us through the creative and physical process of having a tattoo, this book is as much an inspirational design source as a peek into the private world of the tattoo parlour, its artists and cli... дальше >>
The Story of Westminster 6. Day Malcolm : The Story of Westminster  , 2011  г.

This exciting new series of heritage tourist guides from Batsford give an authentic flavour of the history of London and will appeal to all lovers of this wonderful city in both the local and tourist markets. Westminster recreates all the ceremony and grandeur of this celebrated area, the seat of Britain's government, and gives fascinating historical information about its buildings, people and rit... дальше >>
Cary Grant a Life in Pictures 7. Dherbier Yann-Brice : Cary Grant a Life in Pictures  , 2011  г.

Cary Grant was one of Hollywood's best-loved stars, and his popularity is still intact. This book celebrates his life in pictures and captures the essence of who Cary Grant was.... дальше >>
Pattern Design: A Period Design Sourcebook 8. Evans Sian : Pattern Design: A Period Design Sourcebook  , 2008  г.

One of the world's best collections of period designs brought together as an invaluable resource for designers of all kinds, from fabric, textile, wallpaper, stained glass to graphic and fashion designers. This collection of over 500 designs covers wallpaper, textiles, furnishings, costume, tiles and ceramics. The designs range from medieval through renaissance and the 19th century right up to the... дальше >>
History of 20th Century Fashion 9. Ewing Elizabeth : History of 20th Century Fashion  , 2005  г.

A History of 20th Century Fashion charts the early dominance of couture to the influences of street culture. The narrative is based on a firm understanding of social, economic and technical developments all over the world, and emphasizes the commercial organization of the industry, from designer and textile manufacturer right through to the consumer. Over 100 b/w and 50 colour illustrations bring ... дальше >>
Batsford's Cambridge Then and Now 10. Grylls Vaughan : Batsford's Cambridge Then and Now  , 2011  г.

Cambridge Then and Now is the latest in the long-running series that uncovers archive photos of the landmark sites of a city and re-photographs them from exactly the same viewpoint today. Cambridge Then and Now features vintage photos that date back to the Victorian era, through the twentieth century up until the early 1960s. And while many of the colleges have remained remarkably similar; the car... дальше >>

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